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Sharp GF-555

Portable Double Cassette Recorder

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Sharp GF-555


Formats: Tape, Tuner

Loudspeakers: 2 x 160mm, 2 x 50mm

Power output: 7 watts per channel

Frequency response: 40Hz to 15kHz

Dimensions: 530 x 150 x 320mm

Weight: 9kg



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Reviewed Jul 25th, 2017 by garcey14

I'm going to try & make this short as it is now almost 1am & I need some sleep.
I purchased the Sharp GF-555 from ebay for a very good price...Lucky Me! It definitely isn't the most attractive boombox out there which was made in the early 80s but I really like it. It was the first double tape deck boombox to be produced, so it has its place firmly in the boombox history & hall of fame. The features are massive on this thing. It has a music searcher where you can press buttons from 1-11 in which to skip songs & LOADS of knobs, sliders & switches, some hidden behind a door in the front centre of the boombox. You'll have to look this model up on the internet as I don't have time to go into much. The sound quality is ok to good but not great The bass is ok but could have been more...much more. The treble, very much like the bass, could have been more & brighter, but still ok to good. Compared to my Aiwa TPR-950, nowhere near as good sounding, the Aiwa easily beats it, even though the Sharp is much louder in volume, it doesn't have the clarity, the bass or treble to match. This Ghettoblaster falls into the large boombox category but not massive. It is heavy, it weighs 9kg WITHOUT BATTERIES! If you were to take it for a walk, you'd probably need to stop, place it on the ground & use it as a seat whilst you let the blood flow back into your fingers & get life back into your arms.
This boombox sounds great pumping out 80s Electro Funk, Rap & Reggae through it, especially at large volume. But saying this, it also sounds great playing House music, Funky House & I'm sure it would sound good playing all genres of music. It's one of the boomboxes I was waiting to get my hands on, not for it's looks, as it is quite ugly, but for its historical placing in the boombox world & the audience it commands when it is brought out to play, people love to see & hear this baby!
I use my boomboxes for powering music on my Android phone, my portable CD player also my laptop when DJing small to medium gatherings, although this particular boombox can play to larger gatherings. It may not have the sound quality of my Aiwa but it still has good sound & plenty of volume & is perfect for entertaining. Forget your bluetooth speakers etc, whether they be Sonos or Bose, I'd sooner have to plug my music device into one of these COOL LOOKING DUDES & massage your ear drums with some SWEET TUNES to make your BODY ROCK!!!



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