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Sharp Video Audio


  • 10P-35G, 12P-41GR, 12P-41GW, AD-113N, AD-114N, AD-115N, C-1401GS, C-1405G, C-2097G, C-2097GS, CP-150, CP-61, CP-62, CP-80, GF-1760H, GF-2500H, GF-4545H, GF-525H, GF-6060H, GF-6060HB, GF-6363H, GF-666H, GF-777H, GF-8787H, GF-8787HB, GF-8989H, GF-8989HB, GF-8H, GF-8HL, GF-9696H, GF-979H, GF-979HB, HP-40, IT-26Z/N, MC-57CL, MC-78DV, RD-620D, RD-620DS, RG-5900H, RG-6600H, RT-10H, RT-12H, RT-31H, SC-700H, SG-180H, SG-180HB, SG-280H, SG-280HB, SG-2H, SG-2HB, SY-510S, SY-710S, System 11H, System 11HB, System 15H, System 15HB, System 31H, System 31HB, System 5000H, System 5000HB, VC-2300G, VC-7700G, VC-8300GB, VC-8300GS, VR8ME, VR9ME, VZ-3000H, XC-30G, XC-33G, XC-34G, XC-35G, XV-5070G

    Year: 1981-1982

  • AD-105H, AD-113N, AD-114N, AD-115N, BT-3350, C-1401GS, C-1405G, C-2002G, CC-2000E, CP-100L, CP-100R, CP-104H, CP-12HB, CP-12HS, CP-150, CP-180HB, CP-180HS, CP-20HB, CP-20HS, CP-2311HW, CP-2323HB, CP-2323HW, CP-2511HW, CP-280HB, CP-280HS, CP-3000VB, CP-3000VG, CP-3500HB, CP-3500HS, CP-35HB, CP-35HS, CP-5100HW, CP-61, CP-62, CP-80L, CP-80R, CW-7550, DV-1600G, EQ-100, EW-98, GF-1740H, GF-2500H, GF-450H, GF-4646H, GF-4646HB, GF-500H, GF-5454H, GF-5454HB, GF-575H, GF-7500H, GF-767H, GF-7H, GF-7HB, GF-7HD, GF-9000H, GF-9500H, GX-300H, HP-7, IT-26Z, IT-50MC1, IT-5B-50, MC-57CL, MC-65CL, MC-78DV, PW-1000, PW-2000, QT-19HR, QT-19HS, RD-620DS, RG-6000H, RG-6700H, RG-7550H, RP-104H, RP-105H, RP-114H, RT-100H, RT-104H, RT-105H, RT-12H, RT-200H, RT-300H, RT-5050H, RT-5050HB, RT-5200H, RT-5200HB, RT-7000H, RT-7000HB, RT-7070H, RT-7070HB, SC-700H, SG-12H, SG-12HB, SG-180HB, SG-20H, SG-20HB, SG-280HB, SG-35H, SG-35HB, SM-104H, SM-105H, ST-104H, ST-105H, SY-105DB, System 100H, System 100HB, System 104H, System 105H, System 200H, System 200HB, System 31H, System 31HB, System SM-110H, VC-3300G, VC-9500GB, VC-9500GS, VC-9700GB, VC-9700GS, VR-330SB, VR-9ME, VZ-2500H, VZ-3000H, VZ-3000HB, VZ-3500H, VZ-3500HB, WF-50G, XC-51G, XC-77G, XV-5070G

    Year: 1982-1983



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