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Sherwood S-7200

AM/FM Stereo Receiver

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Sherwood S-7200


Tuning range: FM, MW

Input sensitivity: 2.4mV (MM), 250mV (line)

Output: 250mV (line)



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Reviewed Mar 15th, 2018 by kmhurst86

Warm sound!

Reviewed Feb 12th, 2018 by k5kdm

I have one I acquired about 5 years ago and use it to digitize records and monitor through two pair of infinities.It is difficult to rate it so far out of context, but it sounds very good and the tuners work well. After all these years the only problem is a stuck/broken power switch that wont turn off. I would buy another if reasonable, doug

Reviewed Nov 22nd, 2017 by youngdl

Have finished recapping and debugging the bad transistors in a problem unit that was in good shape physically. Not the most common small receiver warm sounding amp but the strong point is the tuner. Not in sensitivity and ability to pull in stations like my Kenwood KR-7400, but the mostly discrete tuner section has its own sound quality, possibly that warm tube like sound people describe, that can make fm stereo pleasurable to listen to. Listening to Christmas music on WMAG through a pair of recapped and re-doped KLH Model 17 speakers has been enjoyable. The 2SC693F transistors on the tone control board in mine were very noisy. The Fairchild KSC1845 works as replacement and made an appreciable difference. Be aware the loudness button is backwards relative to most receivers. Default is on you have to push the button in to turn off.

Reviewed Oct 05th, 2017 by Devil Dawg

I don't know why there aren't more reviews here of this sweet receiver. With 40 watts its far from a powerhouse, but its widely known for it warm mellow tones. I've heard it called A poor mans Marantz and thats probably not a bad description. Granted its hard to compete with a vintage Marantz, but compare to the high dollars they're pulling now days the Sherwood S-7200 is an absolute bargain! They can regularly be found for $100-200. If there is a weak spot it would be the combo Power/Volume switch that is known to go out on them.....My suggestion is if you are lucky enough to find one of these in good shape with a functioning power switch do what i did and use a power strip with a surge protector and power it up from there. If you find one of these grab it up you won't be disappointed.



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