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Sony CDP-190

Stereo Compact Disc Player

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Sony CDP-190


Disc format: CD

Digital converter: TDA1543A-R1

CD Mechanism: KSS-240A

Frequency response: 2Hz to 20kHz

Dynamic range: 90dB

Signal to Noise Ratio: 93dB

Channel separation: 90dB

Total harmonic distortion: 0.05%

Line output: 2V

Dimensions: 430 x 100 x 280mm

Weight: 3kg



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Reviewed Oct 05th, 2015 by ec1st

The Sony CDP-190 is about as basic a CD player as can be found. The front panel has buttons for: Power, drawer Open-&-Close, Play, Stop, Lower-&-Higher Search. A side cluster of buttons covers: Program, Shuffle, Repeat, Time, Fader, and Music Scan. It lacks a number pad for easy access to out of sequence selections and easy playback program construction. To assemble a program of desired selections the user must manually step through the CD list with the Lower-&-Higher buttons and press the Program button for each addition. Research I did on this unit (after buying it for a virtual give-away price at a thrift store) revealed that it was known for being quite sensitive to external vibration, a characteristic which I found to be very true. It's saving virtue was it's sound, as it was able to present an almost perfect (to me, at least) grasp of high frequencies to give playbacks a sense of reality and depth without going to excess. This quality made it outshine the two high-frequency-shy Pioneer CD players I also own. To tame it's vibration sensitivity I went online and ordered a set of four 2x2x1/2-inch neoprene pads (which cost several times what I paid for the CD player) and glued them to the CDP-190's hard plastic feet. This addition exponentially increased the player's resistance to external vibration to where now it seems on par with any other component CD player I have.

Rating the CDP-190 was not easy. Considering what it was like before adding the neoprene foot pads, a rating would have been much, much lower. And not having a number pad for easier selection access for playing and programming holds it back a little. But it's easy improveability, it's apparent ability to still work well after having been abandoned to a thrift shop, and above all, having a sound that appeals to me, gets it an 8 out of 10.



re: 2015 Review above

I found mine for $5.00 at a thrift store in 2019. I agree with everything the first reviewer said, and will make some feet for mine also. I plugged it in with low expectations, but the sound even through my crappy test bench speakers, was very pleasing. I noticed it right off, and was surprised! The tray was dusty, and it had some trouble with discs that weren't "perfect". I've cleaned it now, and it's happily playing a copied disc I made. Curious to do a Head to Head with my new Onyko 7030.

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