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  • Sony HiFi 1978

    EL-5, EL-7, HA-55, HMK-55B, HMK-55WL, HMK-77B, HST-89, PS-11, PS-22, PS-8750, PS-X4, PS-X6, PS-X7, SS-1050, SS-2030, SS-2050, SS-2070, SS-G3, SS-G5, SS-G7, ST-11L, ST-2950F, ST-3950, ST-5950SD, ST-A7, STR-11L, STR-2800L, STR-3800L, STR-4800, STR-5800, STR-6800SD, TA-11, TA-2650, TA-3650, TA-5650, TA-8650, TA-E7, TA-E88, TA-F7, TA-N7, TA-N88, TAE-5450, TAE-8450, TAN-5550, TAN-8550, TC-118SD, TC-158SD, TC-164SD, TC-186SD, TC-188SD, TC-199SD, TC-206SD, TC-229SD, TC-378, TC-510-2, TC-758, TC-765, TC-766-2, TC-788-4, TC-880-2, XL-55

    Year: 1978

  • Sony HiFi 1980

    ELD-8, HMK-11B, HMK-33, HMK-33B, HMK-44, HMK-7000, HMK-80, HMK-80B, HMK-9000, HST-49A, HST-99, PS-212A, PS-333, PS-636, PS-B80, PS-P7X, PS-T15, PS-X35, PS-X40, PS-X60, PS-X70, SS-E20, SS-E30, SS-E50, SS-E70, SS-G1, SS-G3, SS-G5, SS-G7, ST-212AL, ST-333L, ST-636, ST-A30L, ST-A7B, ST-J60, ST-J88, ST-P7J, STR-232L, STR-333L, STR-434L, STR-V3L, STR-V4L, STR-V5, STR-V6, TA-212A, TA-333, TA-535, TA-636, TA-E7B, TA-E86B, TA-E88B, TA-F30, TA-F40, TA-F60, TA-F70, TA-N7B, TA-N86B, TA-N88B, TA-P7F, TC-399, TC-510-2, TC-645, TC-765, TC-766-2, TC-880-2, TC-K35, TC-K45, TC-K55 mkII, TC-K65, TC-K81, TC-K88, TC-K96R, TC-U2, TC-U30, TC-U60

    Year: 1980

  • Sony HiFi 1982

    DR-S3, DR-S4, DR-S5, DR-S7, DR-Z6, ECM-150, ECM-16, ECM-210A, ECM-260F, ECM-270F, ECM-290F, ECM-949T, ECM-99A, ECM-B11A, ECR-880, F-250S, F-320A, F-99T, F-V3T, HA-55, MDR-2, MDR-3, MDR-5A, MDR-7, MX-1000, MX-510, MX-670, PS-LX1, PS-LX2, PS-LX3, PS-LX4, PS-LX5, PS-P7, PS-X600, PS-X800, SS-E21, SS-E44, SS-E51 mkII, SS-E71, SS-G1 mkII, SS-G4D, SS-G7, ST-J75, ST-JX2L, ST-JX3, ST-JX4, ST-JX5, ST-P7, STR-S5L, STR-V55, STR-VX2L, TA-AX2, TA-AX3, TA-AX4, TA-AX5, TA-AX7, TC-399, TC-FX2, TC-FX3, TC-FX4, TC-FX5, TC-FX5C, TC-FX6, TC-FX6C, TC-FX7, TC-K71, TC-K777, TC-K77R, TC-K81, XL-20, XL-30, XL-35A, XL-35S, XL-44, XL-44L, XL-45A, XL-45S

    Year: 1982

  • Sony HiFi 1984

    APM-090, APM-33, APM-500, APM-6, APM-700, APM-77W, APM-8, BE-100, BE-9H, CDP-101, CDP-701ES, ECM-150T, ECM-16T, ECM-929LT, ECM-939LT, ECM-B11A, F-250S, F-99T, F-V30T, HA-T10, HA-T30, HE-3, MDR-30T, MDR-40T, MDR-50T, MDR-60 II, MDR-70T, MDR-CD5, MTL-10, MX-1000, MX-A7, MX-Y5, NR-500, PCM-701ES, PCM-F1, PS-FL77, PS-LX20, PS-LX500, PS-X555ES, PS-X800, PS-X9, PSR-2121, PT-D3, PT-V5, SE-P900, SEH-V5, SEQ-11, SEQ-5, SH-145, SH-151, SH-156, SH-400, SS-2121, SS-E34, SS-E44, SS-E55, SS-E75, SS-G1M III, SS-W30, SS-X180, ST-J88B, ST-JX35L, ST-JX5, ST-JX500L, ST-S555ES, ST-V3L, ST-V5L, ST-V7L, STR-VX30L, SU-F2121, SU-V2, SU-V4, Syscon 301, Syscon 352, Syscon 353, Syscon 353 CD, Syscon 800, TA-AX35, TA-AX500, TA-D900, TA-E88B, TA-E900, TA-E901, TA-F555ES, TA-N88B, TA-N900, TA-N901, TA-V3, TA-V5, TA-V7, TC-FX1010, TC-FX25, TC-FX35, TC-FX444, TC-FX505R, TC-FX600, TC-FX66, TC-K555ES, TC-K666ES, TC-K777ES, TC-K88B, TC-MR2, TC-V3, TC-V7, XL-MC1, XL-MC2, XL-MC3

    Year: 1984

  • Sony HiFi 1987

    APM-550 II, APM-A70, APM-F50AV, AVH-910, CDP-103, CDP-203, CDP-35, CDP-40, CDP-55, CDP-65, CDP-7F, ECM-102, ECM-929LT, F-99T, FH-110W, FH-150R, FH-33, FH-55W, FH-77, FV-50 II, MDR-51, MDR-A40V, MDR-E282, MDR-M55, MDR-V4, PS-LX231, PS-LX431, PS-LX520, PS-Q7A, Precise 550W, Precise 750W, Precise 950W, Precise V50W, Precise V70WR, Precise V910WR, SB-700, SEQ-120, SEQ-210, SEQ-910, SS-505AV, SS-A750, SS-A950, SS-E100, SS-E200, SS-E410, ST-JX230L, ST-JX430L, ST-V710L, STR-AV260L, Session 230, Session 230WCD, Session 330WCD, Session 430W, Session STR-280, TA-AX230, TA-AX330, TA-AX430, TA-V710, TC-FX330, TC-FX430, TC-V710WR, TC-W230, TC-W530, TC-WR730

    Year: 1987

  • Sony HiFi 1988

    APM-44ESG, APM-66ESG, APM-F50AV, AVH-910, CDP-222ESD, CDP-310, CDP-333ESD, CDP-555ESD, CDP-710, CDP-C10, CDP-C5F, CDP-C5M, CDP-M50, CDP-M70, MDR-V2, PCM-501ES, PCM-601ESD, PCM-F1, PS-LX231, PS-LX431, PS-LX520, PS-LX555ES, PS-LX910, SDP-505ES, SEQ-120, SEQ-333ES, SEQ-910, SS-505AV, ST-J300, ST-S500ES, ST-S700ES, ST-S800ES, ST-V710, STR-AV20L, STR-AV30R, TA-A200, TA-A300, TA-A400, TA-E77ESD, TA-F500ES, TA-F700ES, TA-N77ES, TA-V710, TC-FX150, TC-K700ES, TC-R303, TC-R503ES, TC-V710WR, TC-W200, TC-W550, TC-WR750, TC-WR950

    Year: 1988



re: HiFi

Thank you very much guys, as a fan of Sony's stuff from 80's it is great to watch these catalogues, even for info about various models that I already have and wanna have! :)

re: HiFi

Great documents with lots of useful information and lots of Hifi equipment photos. Great work. Thanks!

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