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Sony Product Range


CF-160L, CF-430L, CF-470L, CF-515S, CF-520L, CF-530L, CF-570L, CF-580, CF-900S, CF-950S, CRF-320, CRF-330K, EL-5, EL-7, EL-D8, FX-412E, HA-55, HMK-11B, HMK-33, HMK-33B, HMK-55, HMK-55B, HMK-80, HMK-80B, HST-39, HST-49, ICB-1000W, ICB-1020, ICB-170W, ICB-300W, ICF-10W, ICF-6700W, ICF-6800W, ICF-7500W, ICF-7600, ICF-7800, ICF-805L, ICF-C800W, ICF-C820L, ICF-P2B, ICR-9, KV-1340E, KV-1400E, KV-1820MF, KV-1822GY, KV-1822WD, KV-1842E, KV-2000E, KV-2200E, KV-2202E, KV-9000E, M-102, M-201, PS-515, PS-T1, PS-T20, PS-T30, PS-X40, PS-X50, PS-X60, PS-X70, PS-X9, SL-8000E, SS-1050, SS-2030, SS-2050, SS-2070, SS-G1, SS-G3, SS-G5, SS-G7, ST-212L, ST-313L, ST-515, ST-A3L, ST-A4L, ST-A6B, ST-A7B, STR-212L, STR-313L, STR-414L, STR-V3L, STR-V4L, STR-V5, STR-V6, STR-V7, System 707, System 727, System 737, System 747, TA-212, TA-313, TA-515, TA-D88B, TA-E7B, TA-E86B, TA-E88B, TA-F3A, TA-F4A, TA-F5A, TA-F6B, TA-N7B, TA-N86B, TA-N88B, TC-144CS, TC-150, TC-150B, TC-158SD, TC-172, TC-182, TC-207, TC-399, TC-510-2, TC-520CS, TC-53, TC-62, TC-765, TC-766-2, TC-788-4, TC-880-2, TC-98L, TC-D5, TC-K1A, TC-K2A, TC-K4A, TC-K5, TC-K6, TC-K60, TC-K6B, TC-K711, TC-K711B, TC-K8B, TC-K96R, TC-U2, TC-U5, TCM-600, TCM-600B, TFM-6100L, TV-112UM, TV-511E, XL-15, XL-25, XL-35, XL-45, XL-55

Year: 1979



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