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Sony Radios


  • Sony Radios 1977

    C-77, CF-170S, CF-210L, CF-440, CF-480S, CF-540, CF-550B, CF-560S, CF-580, CRF-160, CRF-320, Captain 55, ICF-3000L, ICF-5450B, ICF-6000L, ICF-8900L, ICF-C570L, ICF-C800W, TA-1700, TC-144CS, TC-150, TC-172, TC-207, TC-55, TC-63, TFM-6100W, TFM-C444E, TFM-C850W

    Year: 1977

  • Sony Radios 1979

    AC-35, AC-66, BP-28, BP-31B, BP-33, CF-370L, CF-430L, CF-515S, CF-530L, CF-900S, CF-950S, CRF-320, DCC-127A, DR-25, DR-55, DR-S3, DR-S4, DR-S5, DR-S7, ECM-150, ECM-16, ECM-18N, ECM-210A, ECM-99A, F-500, F-500S, F-540, F-99A, ICF-10W, ICF-5900W, ICF-6700W, ICF-6800W, ICF-7500W, ICF-7800, ICF-C805W, ICF-P2L, M-102, M-201, SS-95, TC-150B, TCM-600B, TFM-6100L

    Year: 1979

  • Sony Radios 1980

    AC-35, AC-66, BP-23, BP-28, BP-31B, BP-33, BP-35, BP-61, CFM-31L, CFM-800, CFS-55L, CFS-65L, CFS-71L, CFS-D7, CRF-320A, DCC-127A, DR-25, DR-55, DR-S3, DR-S4, DR-S5, DR-S7, DR-Z6, ECM-150, ECM-16, ECM-200S, ECM-210A, ECM-99A, F-500, F-500S, F-540, F-99A, FX-412E, FX-414BE, ICF-3860W, ICF-6700L, ICF-6800W, ICF-7500W, ICF-7800, ICF-C11W, ICF-C22W, ICF-C33W, ICF-D11W, ICF-M10W, ICF-M20W, ICF-P2L, M-200, M-203, MDR-3, TC-D5, TCM-111, TCM-121, TCM-150B, TCM-260, TCM-600B, TCM-767, TFM-6160W, TV-511E

    Year: 1980

  • Sony Radios 1986

    AN-1, APM-007AV, CFD-5, CFS-2000L, CFS-250L, CFS-3300L, CFS-5000L, CFS-W30L, CFS-W400L, D-50, EBP-9LC, ECM-16T, ECM-939LT, F-99T, F-V30 II, FD-20AEB, ICF-15, ICF-2001D, ICF-25, ICF-35, ICF-4900B, ICF-7600AW, ICF-7600D, ICF-C10W, ICF-C16W, ICF-S75W, M-10B, M-11EV, M-7, MDR-10T, MDR-20T, MDR-E242, MDR-E262, MDR-S30, MDR-W50, SEQ-50, SRF-201, SRS-30, SRS-50, TC-D5M, TCM-10B, TCM-2, TCM-6DX, TCM-828, TCM-9, TCS-450, WA-5000, WA-8000, WM-23, WM-24, WM-30S, WM-40B, WM-6, WM-D6C, WM-DC2, WM-DD II, WM-F28, WM-F75, WM-F9S, WM-R15, WM-W800B, ZX-7

    Year: 1986



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