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Sony SA-WX900

Active Subwoofer System (2004-05)

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Sony SA-WX900


Type: 2 driver subwoofer

Frequency Response: 20Hz to 200Hz

Sub Bass: 2 x 300mm cone

Enclosure: closed box

Dimensions: 440 x 550 x 620mm

Weight: 48kg

Note: 800W power amplifier

Year: 2004


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Reviewed Jun 16th, 2016 by Gusty58

Great bass sound - suitable for both music and movies

Reviewed Mar 21st, 2013 by DCPreamp

I have one of these subwoofers as part of my high-end listening studio (not my regular, TV surround system) and this sub is positively stunning! First off, it is rated 1,000 W RMS continuous power output (not 800 like it says above) thanks to the internal B&O ICEPower1000A amplifier module. Into a 4-ohm load (which the two paralleled 12 woofers presents) the module is rated 1,000 watts continuous at 0.04% THD+N. Just search for the B&O module's specs and you can see all the specs.

The power supply is a high-efficiency, SMPS design, that is fully regulated ensuring full-output even when the supply line sags. The supply uses very high quality parts including large, extruded heatsinks for the power devices. The primary fuse is a 20A, ceramic, Slo-Blo type meaning this thing is designed for some heavy-duty operation! The op-amps used in the filter circuits are just of average quality, unfortunately, but for something used only from 18 to 50Hz, they're adequate I guess. The 12 drivers are of surprisingly good quality! The cones are massive paper-pulp type and seriously rigid. The surrounds are giant too and look to be some sort of thick, treated foam. Judging from the 1 width of the surrounds, it looks as if these speakers could have easily +/- 3/4 to maybe even a full inch of excursion each way! The magnets too, while not exotic neo-types, are equally huge, like everything else in this sub, and are maybe 8 in diameter. There are two of them stacked, including a metal shield, for use near old CRT's. The cabinets are of average construction with 3/4 MDF, but do include numerous angled braces used all over the place for strength. This sub is simply a beast with every part of it being over-kill for absolute quality, durability, and longevity. I'm shocked these didn't sell better, but Sony is, I'm sorry to say, kind of a laughing-stock in the speaker world. So sad.

So how does all this sound? It's absolutely phenomenal! I'm using it with some ultra-high-quality speakers and a McIntosh preamp and power amp. I use a Behringer EX1200 Ultrabass Pro to cross-over and enhance the bass. Overall the SA-WX900 is a stellar performer offering as much bass, or more, than ANY other sub I've ever heard! Bass pounding you in the chest and knocking things off the wall is just the start. What it adds to the bottom end of the audio spectrum just makes everything sound better all the way up the spectrum. It offers crystal-clear bass-drum thumps when asked that go just as loud as you are willing to turn the knob! With synth-bass, the rumble and bass vibrations go from audible sound into a mechanical energy that begins to kick and vibrate and shake various parts of the house with a disturbing violence. It's like the first time you're next to a jackhammer or a pro-fuel dragster and the expression on your face changes as you experience a concussive force against the air in your lungs and your eyes begin to vibrate and your colon begins to move involuntarily. It's unnerving! This sub can do this and more when commanded. And just to let you know it's generating some serious horsepower, the lights in the house will dim during peaks meaning it's not messing around with just a couple-hundred watts; it really is in the KW territory! Yet, during classical, or jazz, or acoustical music, the sub isn't there. There's no crap bass-rumble that isn't supposed to be there, unlike many cheaper, or even pretty good, subs that don't know when to shut up. This Sony SA-WX900 just does everything bass and sub-bass with clarity and authority clearer and stronger than any other sub I've listened to, including subs into the $3K range. I know there's better out there, and considering these hardly exist any more, it doesn't mean a lot, but if you find one on eBay or Craigslist, and you are a bass-fanatic, like myself, then I recommend trying to get one! I'm keeping my beauty and planning on passing it down to grand-kids!




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