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Sony Spectacular


AIR-7, APM-22ES, AVH-555ES, CCD-M8E, CCD-V1000, CCD-V30, CCD-V8AF, CDP-17F, CDP-205ESD, CDP-222ESD, CDP-C10, CDP-C5M, CDP-M20, CDP-M50, CDX-J10, CDX-R88, CFS-1000S, CFS-210S, CFS-6000S, CFS-950, CFS-DW60, CFS-W600, CPA-1, D-30. D-100, DD-100, ECM-144, ECM-220T, ECM-939LT, EV-A200, EV-S700, F-V3011, FH-203, FH-205W, FH-215R, HNS-14AS, ICF-2001D, ICF-4900, ICF-7600A, ICF-7600D, ICF-S75W, KV-1442AS, KV-2092AS, KV-21FX1MT, KV-27VX1MT, KX-14CP1, MDR-11, MDR-21, MDR-A20L, MDR-CD6, MDR-E265, MDR-M55, MDR-S30, MPK-M8, PAK-88, PCM-501ES, PS-LX70, SDP-505ES, SEQ-333ES, SL-HF950ES, SPK-M8, SRS-50, ST-S555ESX, TA-F444ESX, TC-K444ES2, TCM-12, TCM-17, TCM-5000EV, WM-31, WM-38, WM-D6C, WM-F101, WM-F107, WM-F202, WM-F60, WM-F75, XO-750W

Year: 1987



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