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Sony TA-1150

Integrated Stereo Amplifier (1973-76)

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Sony TA-1150


The Sony integrated stereo amplifier model TA-1150 is designed with the most advanced techniques for audiophiles who wish to build a true-fidelity sound reproduction system.

Sony pooled their vast experience in solid state technology to produce this integrated amplifier.

The TA-1150 provides the lowest possible distortion, superior signal to noise ratio, wide dynamic range and unexcelled damping factor.

You'll hear every sound delicately, naturally and brilliantly as never before.


Power output: 30 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo)

Frequency response: 15Hz to 80kHz

Total harmonic distortion: 0.1%

Damping factor: 100

Input sensitivity: 2mV (MM), 140mV (line)

Signal to noise ratio: 70dB (MM), 90dB (line)

Output: 140mV (line), 24mV (DIN), 0.8V (Pre out)

Speaker load impedance: 4Ω to 16Ω

Semiconductors: 26 x transistors, 3 x diodes, 2 x IC

Dimensions: 400 x 149 x 316mm

Weight: 8.3kg

Year: 1973


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Reviewed Mar 14th, 2018 by Frantastorm

A gem. Kind of strange design with the vertical volume slider, but built like tank. Bought mine in near mint condition yesterday. (had some hi-end onkyo, pioneer, NAD and kenwood previously) But THIS gives juicy and lively sound, my tapes and vinyls now shine miraculously! Using aux1 also for bluetooth receiver and anything from my cellphone just rocks. This amp is WAY better than anything in its class today.

Reviewed Dec 08th, 2016 by WestCoastRecords

I cannot believe the difference between the sound damping levels compared to a marantz 2220B
Much less feedback and noise transference through the sony.
The records sound much more vibrant and cleaner.
It works great with my kefs 104.2 and the missions 770's
i previously didn't have much respect for Sony models, being more of a Marantz/Sansui guy
Power wise it is stromger than the Marantz 2220B and the Sansui 5001 Quad. With pre amp and power amp inputs this is a little ripper.
I paid $500 Aus with 100 records and a yamaha turntable, Bargin

Reviewed Jan 24th, 2015 by herubudi

Buy this little amp with huge sound..... the bass is punchy... detail, and crisp. Love it ....

Reviewed Jun 02nd, 2014 by gordonellis

I have had this amp since 1975. It is probably the best thing I have ever bought as it is still going strong. Switches and volume control are a bit noisy now but I have used it at a disco in the power amp mode and I never run out of power even in a big room. Reason not 10 out of 10 is because of the volume control. Better with a round knob than a slider.

Reviewed Feb 18th, 2014 by waluigi

I have a Marantz 1060, my recapped Sansui AU 6500 easily took its place. This Sony is superior to the Sansui. Can't wait to hear it with new caps.

Reviewed Feb 17th, 2014 by wildness

I had one of these back in the mid-`70's and it was just a monster amp, but I foolishly sold it for moolah when times were hard.

Reviewed Nov 15th, 2013 by justice23

In a line of Sony amplifiers nicknamed The Mac Killers because it was said that in a side by side comparison, to sound as good if not better than the McIntosh amplifiers of the day. That is enough said right there, but my experience with this 1973 30 watt amp is that it sounds better than may vintage 40 watt Marantz amp on my 1979 New Advent Loudspeakers in the real walnut cabinets. Here we have clear defined highs, where synths, strings and voices are not overly crisp or crackly. Lows are deep, full and warm with no audible distortion. Even digital recordings with their poor quality, muddy lows and crispy or harsh highs that are hard on the ears sound good on this system. For more info the HiFi Engine Library has a very good description of this amplifier and these loudspeakers.



justice23's picture

re: TA-1150

@ My3kidsfather-You say the tech could not fix this amp, I guess he was not much of a tech. This unit is actually a brilliant design with beautifully realistic natural sound. I recently picked one up it sounds as and maybe even better than my Marantz receiver. Why did you not do the simple fix and exchange it for another one since you bought it new?

re: TA-1150

Muchas gracias por tener a disposición para el publicoeste manual, ya que nos ayuda a solucionar muchas fallas a la hora de las reparciones les deseo toda la suerte y exito.
Saludos .

re: TA-1150

thanks for skematic

My3kidsfather's picture

re: TA-1150

I bought this amp new (it was new too in the seventies) when I was just 16 yrs old- my first stereo. Frankly it was aweful. It had a bit of noise at all ranges especially with my better headphones. I sent it out for repair and the tech said he could hear the noise too. No repair possible. It just a bad design from the get go. Of all the TA amps from Sony I picked the lemon.

I was reading a few days ago (some forty years later) about another Sony int. amp for sale and in the guys comments he mentioned it is known that another amp, the TA-1150 is to be avoided as it was a poor design with expensive parts. I have not been able to buy a Sony since but now I know it's not me but Sony's bad. Problem solved.

You guys needed to know.
Bill Missen.

P.S. the TA-1130 and every other TA amp is good- just avoid this one.

justice23's picture

re: TA-1150

Why did you not just exchange it for another one since you bought it new. Mine at 41 years old sounds great, natural and clean.

justice23's picture

re: TA-1150

Thanks for the info. and manual pdf. Last Saturday I picked one of these amplifiers up in the wood case at my local Goodwill in minty condition for $3.50, SCORE! I have read that it was nicknamed "The Mac Killer" because it was as good and possibly better than the McIntosh amplifiers sold at the time. It sounds great with my walnut Advent New Loudspeakers, also a Goodwill find for $11.00 that just needed re-foaming which only cost me $29.00 for the kit on ebay, and my Pioneer TX 6800 Tuner or Bang & Olufsen Beogram RX Turntable. I am using a Kenwood GE 7030 equalizer that I bought new back in the 90s, but it sounds so good without it, you really don't need a equalizer. This is "audio heaven" at an unbelievable price.

les deux manuels parfaitement lisibles

Merci mille fois pour ces deux manuels, le TA-1150 est une très belle bête, à laquelle on ne comprend pas grand chose sans ces magnifiques schémas ! Continuez à nous collecter des schémas vintage, ☺ car ces beaux appareils le méritent. Cela évite qu'ils finissent à la poubelle ! Vous êtes MA source numéro UN, et de loin !

gracias por el aporte

gracias por el aporte amigos...


Thanks for the information) It is possible to ask a code of the author that I could translate the instruction into Russian.

Thanks for the

Thanks for the manual!

sony ta1150D

Thanks for the manual!
I really enjoy this amp with a pair of
paradigm 7 SE MKII's and
VK-7 M&K sub in a small study.

SONY TA-1150

Many thanks.

Sony TA-1150

Many thanks for the manual. The amp works creates a warm detailed sound with classical and jazz music and, now I have the manual, seems like new. Who's a lucky boy then?
All the best

good amp - thanks for the manual!

I'm just jusing this amp in the office to hook up my mac/itunes with a pair of old phonar speakers and for that it's really a good amp. thanks a lot to hifiengine for the manual!



Muchas Gracias por el Manual SONY TA-1150

Señores de HiFi Engine, muchisimas gracias por tener a disposición este manual q hace un buen tiempo lo estaba buscando, les deseo toda la suerte y exito q bien se merecen. Saludos

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