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Sony TA-3200F

Stereo Power Amplifier (1970-77)

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Sony TA-3200F


The TA-3200F features individual input level controls, 2 speaker outputs and switchable power limiting


Power output: 100 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo)

Frequency response: 5Hz to 200kHz

Total harmonic distortion: 0.1%

Input sensitivity: 1.4V

Signal to noise ratio: 110dB

Speaker load impedance: 4Ω to 16Ω

Dimensions: 400 x 149 x 323mm

Weight: 14kg

Year: 1970


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Reviewed Aug 19th, 2015 by jupiterengineering

Outstanding Piece of equipment both in terms of reproduction and construction, the grandfather of the ES series and a Vintage Sony Masterpiece.

This was one of Sony's first serious amplifiers and although the 100W into 8 Ohms is considered on the low power side in today's terms, the TA-3200F has no problem driving my inefficient 86db speakers to ear splitting volume without a hint of distortion.

At this age, all of them will need the electrolytic caps replacing and the bias checked.

I recommend this amplifier and its smaller siblings to all who appreciate the older, warmer amplifiers of the 60's and 70's, the quality is such that it was in existence 13 years before I was born and it will be in existence for many years after I'm gone.



re: TA-3200F

TA-3200F is successor to the TA-3120F, which is wide chassis version of the TA-3120A. '3200F earlier variants have separate protection PCB in rear corner, visible through top cover. Later versions are more desirable as they have better reliability and simpler circuitry. Japan market models used smooth knobs through most of the model run. Export versions of the later variants have serrated knobs. This is one way to spot the better circuitry versions. I have restored a few and never found bad main filter capacitors. All other electrolytics should be replaced as part of routine maintenance. Output transistors can be substituted easily even though original type is a Sony manufactured device. Rated power of 100 watts into 8 ohms is very conservative. THD and IM ratings are equally impressive. Output power limiter works well and is useful with lower power-rated loudspeakers.

re: TA-3200F

Hello, so when i understand right, the export version is the one with the better circuitry?

re: TA-3200F

There are possibly THREE versions of this amp. The last c1973 version looking like the TA-1150 in component parts has *no* old-style protection board, plus black Nippon Chemicon main capacitors. The serial number of Mk II with the protection board if not the black driver heatsinks is 5015xx & Mk III no board is 5118xx. Confusing.

re: TA-3200F versions

Yes indeed there are three major versions and two revisions to the first one. Earliest units are USA SN 0001 to 0800 (c. 1970), next variant is USA SN 0801 to 1000 and GE SN 0001 to 0500. For this era, USA models have 8 for first digit in SN, GE models have 5. It appears Canada units also have 8 for first digit, later Sony Canada models use 7 for leading digit, if my research is correct. First versions have the smooth knobs, later ones the serrated type. Earliest service manual I have has been uploaded. I hope it helps. Regardless of the version, this is a fantastic model and well worth restoration.

re: TA-3200F

I actually made some progress on trying to find a replacement bulb for the power indicator for the 3130F or TA-3200F. It was easy to remove the bulb and another site said it was a 2V 250ma bulb. It has a screw in base and I measured it to be about 10mm so I believe what I need is a bulb with an E-10 screw in base.

re: TA-3200F

Sony incandescent pilot lamp in the early TA series amplifiers (1010, 1144, 3120, 3200F, etc.) is 2.5 volts 0.2 amps, T1-3/4 midget screw base. Digi-key has them, their P/N is CM1769-ND. This lamp is also used in tuners and receivers from the same era. Sony used both clear and frosted variants with same part number, however clear seems to be only type readily available currently.

re: TA-3200F

I have two Sony 3130F amplifiers. On one the power light bulb has it burned out. Do you know where I can get a replacement bulb and is it very difficult to replace? The power indicating green light looks similar to the one on the TA-3200F.
Back in the 70's I owned a Sony TA-3200F amplifer that I used with a Dynaco PAT-4 preamplifier and some Hartley Concert Master Jr speakers and that was one of the best sounding systems that I have ever owned. Unfortunately I was in the Army then and was moving around a lot and they all got lost in shipping. I'll have to say I was very impressed with the TA-3200F; it could hold it's own against a lot of more expensive and newer amplifiers. The only negative think I can say about it was it didn't like to drive very low impedance speakers as the protection circuit would kick in and cut the sound off. But for normal speakers in the 4 to 8 ohm range it was one of the best amplifiers that I have owned.

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