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Sony TA-N330ES

Stereo Power Amplifier

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Sony TA-N330ES


Power output: 110 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo), 300W into 8Ω (mono)

Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz

Total harmonic distortion: 0.05%

Damping factor: 100

Input sensitivity: 0.18V

Signal to noise ratio: 120dB

Dimensions: 467 x 150 x 365mm

Weight: 12.2kg



Sony voltage

the secondary is 40v-40v
I have been rebuilding Adcom amps
You will have to measure the diameter of the potted xmfr in there and pick the comparable size and live with whatever VA that ends up being.
Glad to help more

re: Sony voltage

you mean 40-0-40 I assume.

Capacitors for Sony TA-N330ES

I am in the UK but have the USA version of this Amp. Recently experienced the dreadful snap, crackle and pop of a few capacitors blowing - which according to my local sony expert are no longer available.
I cannot get hold of the engineer to ask which specific CAPs blew as he has left and they were not listed on his report so wonder if anyone knows were I can located the entire or as many as possible Capacitors for this SONY TA-N330ES amp please?
Thank you

Sony amp

I live near Cambridge (RAF Mildenhall) and owned and repaired this amp (US version) for years. I may be able to help out.
Email me back


I cannot order the powertransformer for euro version (220/240 volts) because it is to old said sony customerservice in holland?
Problem is i cannot use an alternative because i dont know the voltage of the secundairy spool (outlet), it is not mentioned in the service manual !

Help please?

power transformer

Did you ever get a fix on this? Living in UK now.

xfmr voltage

I have the the 330. I will measure the secondary voltage as soon as I have a chance. If you can wait a couple of weeks for me to pull it out.

I bought the amp for $50 from a guy while I was in Okinawa Japan in 2000. I have used it for 5 years in Germany. I have the dual primary windings for US/Europe use. It is now working graet in Wyoming.

We lived in Soesterberg, near Utrecht, in 1992-93. We visited our old house again in 2004.

I also have a very good friend in Groningen.


transformer voltage

I have a RX-330bk and the power transformer is shot on the primary side. I noticed that you were going to measure the voltage off your 330. I would be interested in knowing what voltage you came up with.
Thanks in advance


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