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Sony TC-558

Stereo Reel to Reel Tapecorder (1974-76)

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Sony TC-558


Track system: auto reverse, 4-track, 2-channel, stereo/monaural system

Heads: 2 x playback, 2 x reverse, 2 x erase

Reel size: up to 7 inch reel

Tape speeds: 3 34  7 12 ips

Wow and flutter: 0.05% (7 12 ips)

Frequency response: 20Hz to 30kHz (7 12 ips)

Signal to Noise Ratio: 56dB

Total harmonic distortion: 1.2%

Input: 60mV (line), 0.2mV (mic)

Output: 0.43V (line)

Dimensions: 458 x 425 x 213mm

Weight: 20.8kg

Year: 1973


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Reviewed Oct 29th, 2018 by Paul Co

I bought one of these beautiful units a month ago.I just purchased a complete Service manual for it and have just uploaded it here... enjoy

Reviewed Sep 08th, 2015 by mobay

Built to last forever ( most are over 40 years old ), Solenoid controlled transport, full weighted meters, the fastest rewind or fast forward in the universe.No annoying capstan belt to replace except the counter one which is no sweat to replace

Bought mine for $40.00 which is about normal. This deck was very well made by Sony and the fact that so many still are around is testament to the level of build quality.

The only things that prevent it getting a 10 is 1) that the long switch on the bottom of the deck needs cleaning every 2-5 years or else when in reverse the output level will be low. Use DeOxit on the switch. 2) the dang pinch roller assembly is supposed to switch positions( go from one side to the other ) for Forward or Reverse tape handling but on 90% of older units this feature does not happen and the pinch roller only stays in one position. To be frank, I've yet to see anything adverse as far as recording or playback because of this bug. The VU meters are accurate and sensitive.. use them!.
Other than that, these are great decks that certainly produce great tapes. If you buy one lube it where needed and clean the heads THOROUGHLY, and also lube the little metal rollers near the heads. as these are Vietnam era decks and need a little initial TLC. A new pinch roller is about $35.00 and is a great way to get 3 1/4 ips to work again without wow and flutter (mine is that original and does that but 7 1/2 ips is fine )

These were just wonderfully , quality made decks with just the two gotcha's! listed above and the cleaning of the switch is easy once you gain access to the bottom of the deck. If you find a plastic plate covering the PCB circuit board mark the side with conductive material with a marker and put this plate back THE WAY YOU FOUND IT.

Good luck with yours.



re: TC-558

I need a power cord for my tape deck. Have not been successful in finding one that will fit. Any suggestions on where to find one?

re: TC-558

Hey Popeye, How's Olive ???

did you find a power cord, I am also after one

restoring Sony TC558 tape recorder

Does anyone know the position of the power selector plug for 117v 60cyl?
It is currently at about the 8 o'clock position as seen looking from the back of the unit. The indicator shows that it is set for 220 but I have no way to verify that.

re: restoring Sony TC558 tape recorder

8 o'clock sounds about right for 117V. Pull the selector out and push back in with the 117V showing in the space. I live in the USA.

what I would do, but that's me....

hey, where do you live? what is the Voltage from your wall socket? you could plug it in, make sure it's fused if you are in Europe then test the voltage after the power source when it's set to 220v - if your wall is 120v (117 or North American) then if it's set to 220V you will be able to tell pretty quickly, do you have a volt meter? depending how it's configured, I imagine if you are in the UK or somewhere using 220/230v, and it's actually set to 117 you could run into problems, there is maybe a fuse or preotective mechansim in there, but I would not take the chance personally, if you are in USA/Canada, just plug it in and test it out? If anyone can post the full service manual or just check the back of their unit and report back here that would be ideal. You could just ask someone on ebay selling the same machine (there is one on ebay.com right now)

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