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Sony TC-D6C

Portable Stereo Cassette Recorder (1985-94)

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Sony TC-D6C


Type: Cassette Recorder

Tape Type: type I, FeCr, Metal

Noise Reduction: B, C

Output: 30mW (headphones), 0.25V (line)

Battery: 4 x AA

Power Supply: 6V DC

Dimensions: 181 x 40 x 95mm

Weight: 640g

Year: 1985



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Reviewed Nov 07th, 2019 by

I disagree with Childofman, and suspect that there was something wrong with his particular deck. I own several normal size decks of high quality, including 2 Naks -CR4 & 480z, Tascam 122mk3 & Denon DR 790, so I believe I can recognise very high quality. And the Sony is in their league, if not quite as good as the CR4 or the Tascam.Very good results with most types of tapes, though superb with metals

Reviewed Aug 29th, 2018 by

In the early 80s i was FOH mixing engineer of a bunch of jazz and rockbands. At that time i first used a Technics R2R 1500 US for recording the audience - later a Technics RS-B255 M dbx cassette recorder. I hated to carry those big recorders and so i decided to buy the professional TC D6C with Dolby C. Only for the first 6 months i was half the way satified. I don# t liked the record level adjustment. The sound was ok but not superior - even with metal tapes of TDK or Maxell. Dolby C was ok - but after 6 months i noticed a high wow and flutter in piano recordings. I've done a lot of them. The piano sound always suffer from a little tremolo effect. Most of my musicians haven't noticed it much - but for me it was an absolutely no go. The capstan roller is definitely smaller than for standard tapedecks and my TC D6C wasn't a good choice for music live recording. I saled it after 7 months of use. After that I returned to record the audience with a Technics DBX tapedeck.

Reviewed Nov 28th, 2016 by

With a Metal cassette tape and Dolby B recording it gets as close as a reel to reel deck. But with Normal tapes don't even bother, Type 2 cassettes recording is ok.



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