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Sound Dynamics 1500 CM

2-Way Loudspeaker System

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Sound Dynamics 1500 CM



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Reviewed Feb 15th, 2017 by

I owned a set of SD 1500 concert monitors. They were the odd man out in that they had 2 tweeters and the every hammering 15. I had audiophiles not the snobby know it alls but real guys that know his from that comment on how open and dynamic (No put. Intended). I sold them to a friend with the understanding that he sell them back to me when he is through with them. I think I may start applying pressure as I miss them .... Something about a heavy hitting two way system that jsut plays in my ears so well. As part of the trade I got 4 Audio Pulse 1535 ... A three way white van special. I'm rigging them with JBLs and leaving the mid and tweeter.. that's another rpost is the a section for white van specials?



re: 1500 CM

I still have a couple of pairs of these 1500 concert monitor monsters with the single tweeter, one set never been re-foamed because i have yet to hear a set of re-foamed speakers that sound as good as the speakers with original drivers surround. I have purchased several different Sound Dynamic or Cerwin Vega refoam kits to use on several sets of SD and CW i have here and have yet to receive a set that is as supple as the originals. When the foams started cracking on my SD CM I applied a nice thin layer of high grade silicone to the second set and they don't look so pretty with the grills off but they hit harder with less power applied than the ones with the new foam on them. I have been told things like the foam needs to be broken in ... several years worth of 'breaking in' and the sound is still great if you never listened to the ones i siliconed.

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