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Stax SR-44

Electret Earspeaker System

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Stax SR-44


The fact that we have named our product Earspeaker instead of the usual term of headphone bespeaks Stax's devotion to and pride in its traditional adherence to the electrostatic sound reproduction system.

While the world-renowned Stax SR-5 or SR-X/Mk-3 is of the now conventional electrostatic type, the SR-44 is of the new, so-called electret condenser earspeaker system.

Unlike the former, which calls for a high voltage electric source, the latter or the electret type needs no electric supply, a fact that enables simplification of the adaptor and better defined electric transformation matching.

The superb sound quality of the SR-44, which is comparable to that of its predecessors, is a result of our incomparable know-how in maintaining precise gap between the fixed electrode and ultra-fine transducer film, a technique that has been developed and advanced while manufacturing a series of conventional electrostatic earspeakers for nearly a decade.

The pressure-type, light-weight earpads, which have been given human engineering considerations, will give you no uncomfortable head-crushing sensations while assuring clarity of sound comparable to the electrostatic earspeaker family.


Type: electret condenser headphone

Frequency Response: 25Hz to 20kHz

Maximum sound output level: 110dB

Note: includes SRD-4 adaptor

Cord Length: 250cm

Weight: 250g



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Reviewed Nov 30th, 2018 by JimmyBlues

The Stax SRS-44 is a sleeper of a headphone
system which relies on excellent recorded material and front end components to sound
its best.

Poor sources and front end components will
result in a disappointing sound. Conversely,
using the best sources and recorded material
will result in an outstanding performance.

The SRS-44 system does come up for sale fairly often. Prices range from about $50 to well over $100
depending on condition.

Highly recommended!



re: SR-44

I bought these new way back in time, had not used them in the last 20 or so years. Brought them back to life recently, powered by a Luxman L-210 and using a Fiio X3 2nd gen as source. Flac and wav files loaded on the X3, line out into the L-210. Sound is fantastic, detailed and engaging. Fit could be better over wearing them over longer periods (>1 hour). The other year heard new Stax cans, but can't say they were an improvement. Some vintage gear still bests newer pieces!

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