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Tannoy GRF

Enclosures designed for 15" Tannoy Dual Concentric Drive Units (1968)

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Tannoy GRF


As a fitting complement to the Tannoy 'fifteen' dual concentric unit, our research laboratories now give you the expanding source loudspeakers system.

This unique enclosure embodies all of the well known advantages of horn loading, eg excellent bass radiation and transient response, but suffers from none of the spatial distribution defects associated with conventional horns.

The overall efficiency of the system is also high with the result that not more than 3 watts peak are required for even the largest living room.

The effective source size of the system varies with frequency, below 200 cps for the LF diaphragm of the dual concentric is horn loaded both front and rear; from 200 cps - 1000 cps the front loading only is effective, thus giving a reduction in apparent source size.


  • Type: 2 way, single driver loudspeaker system

    Crossover Frequency: 1000Hz

    Full Range: 1 x 15" dual concentric

    Finish: mahogany, walnut

    Dimensions: 25 x 38 x 46 inches

  • Type: 2 way, single driver loudspeaker system

    Frequency Response: 30Hz to 17kHz

    Power Handling: 50W

    Full Range: 1 x 15" dual concentric

    Finish: mahogany, walnut, oak

    Dimensions: 58.5 x 43 x 26.5 inches


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confusion reigns

For the record, the illustration is indeed of a Tannoy GRF. It is not, however, the GRF model described in the text below. The illustrated model is properly called the GRF Memory, and it is of relatively modern vintage, going back only to 1981.To add to the confusion, each of the 2 dowloads describe different speakers, both designated GRF. The second of these was also offered as the GRF rectangular.

In addition to being a designation for at least 4 different models, GRF are the initials of Tannoy founder, Guy R. Fountain. All 4 models made use of the vaunted fifteen-inch DC (for Dual Concentric) driver. The illustrated model, however, uses a more modern version, preferred by some users, less liked by others.

The more modern GRF Memory, which has itself gone through several permutations, uses a cabinet based on the bass reflex principle, with 4 ducted ports. The earlier GRF models were back-loaded horns. In the case of the Autograph, there was also a short horn loading the front of woofer similar to the Altec A7 enclosure, as well as to the contemporary Tannoy Westminster, which should not be confused with an earlier Tannoy model with the same name (whew!).

The story goes that when the old man died, sketches for the last model to bear his initials were found in his desk, and were implemented in his Memory. Truth or fancy, in all my 64 years, well over 50 of which have been misspent as an audiophile, I have rarely heard their equal.

This website is not affiliated with or sponsored by Tannoy. To purchase GRF/GRF Professional spares or accessories, please contact the company via their website or visit an authorised retailer.