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TDL Electronics Product Range


Detailing the TDL Product range, including the Reference Standard, Monitor, Studio 1, Studio 2 and Studio 3 Transmission Line floorstanding speaker systems.

The Transmission Line independently provides for its driver an ideal acoustic environment.

The line absorbs the back wave, progressively rising with frequency, and is open ended.

By careful graduation of the density of the absorbants and inverse tapering of the line, the output from the open end produces low frequencies over a wide band.

At these frequencies the line adds acoustic mass to the diaphragm, extending the bass response a further octave.


Monitor, Reference Standard, Studio 1, Studio 2, Studio 3



TDL Studio 2 compared to the Studio 3

Hi TDL lovers,

I own the Studio 2 with the aluminium frame since a few weeks. Stunning sound, my Rel Sub is obsolete now. Actually I sold it already :).

Now I am curious if there is a big sound difference if the 2 is compared with the Studio 3.

Look forward to your comments.

TDL Monitor

The 25DT 31 tweeters in my TDL Monitors are molested by eager childrens fingers, and I want to replace them. They still sound ok, but looks terrible.
Is it possible to obtain these drivers any more?
I understand Elac is no longer in business...

Thanks for any suggestions!

:-) morten


re: TDL Monitor

I'm a year late with this reply but you never know? I had the same issue with a pair of TDL Studio 1s (Elac 25DT49 tweeters - very similar to your ones). It is possible to dismantle the tweeters and very carefully push the dome back out. However, if they're too damaged, Monacor DT-250s can be used as replacements but you'll probably need to do a bit of woodwork to get them to fit (see https://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/tdl-studio-1.776936/ ). Unlike the soft dome DT-100s recommended by Wilmslow, they have metal domes, have a recommended crossover frequency closer to the 3.5 kHz of your Monitors (3 kHz v 2.5 kHz) & better power handling (100W v 60W) so are much closer to the original Elac ones. And they have a metal mesh over the dome to give some protection from those 'eager fingers'!

re: TDL Monitor

I had a pair of the monitors and also had kids pushing the grills in. Are the domes OK?
I replaced them and went through Wilmslow Audio. Nice guys and will give you options.
Heres their reply with links.

The closest unit we have to replace the tweeter is this :- http://www.wilmslow-audio.co.uk/monacor-dt-100-628-p.asp

I think that the supertweeters will be a version of the Coles CE4001, but I may be wrong. Anyway the Coles unit would be our suggested replacement and they retail at £70.00 each.
Details can be found on their website as follows :- http://www.coleselectroacoustics.com/index.php/drive-units/super-tweeter

Unfortunately we don't actually repair drive units ourselves. So if you are unable to reglue the bass unit yourself, I would suggest contacting DC Boultons on 07860 274995 to see if they can do it for you.

Hope that helps

Revamp of TDL-Woofer (Manufactured by ELAC)

Hi everybody,
possibly other owner of TDL Compact loudspeakers have the same problem with reduced flexibility of speaker diaphragm. The material of the ELAC Oval woofers is some kind of synthetic rubber, which is loosing flexibility and causing loss of low frequency performance.
I have refitted the diaphragm with the one from KEF´s passive speaker BD139, which is pure rubber with excellent long time performance. (no degradation or aging). The speaker resonance frequency is now less than the original speakers.

T-Line 3

I have found a pair of TDL T-Line 3 in fair condition and am now doing some restoration.
This is upmarket to the RTL3 and is very solidly built. The bass impedance is very flat with none of the reflex double hump, so this is not the same cabinet as the RTL3.
One of the pair did show some reflex behaviour, but then I noticed Holmimpulse found one of the drivers to have a very uneven response. The surround had come partially unstuck. Gluing it back restored the response and flattened the impedance.
There is a suckout 1~2 kHz and about 5dB peaking at 5kHz+ which I intend to tame a bit by increasing the series resistor from 2R2 to about 4R7

plaxtonp's picture

TDL Loudspeakers

Hi, first time on this site!!, Just wondered if there was anybody else on here that is still using TDL Loudspeakers?? or am i alone (sort of) in appreciating these oldies but goodies, on my 3rd pair now started off with RTL 2's then the Studio 1's and have recently aquired a rather nice pair of Studio 3's. Does anybody remember these beauties? if so anybody know how much the original recommended retail price was?? mine came with the original brochure and test certificate!!!! with only 1 owner from new (1989) any corrispondance will be greatly appreciated cheers.

re: TDL Loudspeakers

If I remember correctly they were £995
The studio 2 s which I have had for 20 + years were£750
BTW changing the caps on the xover has been a real upgrade and helped smooth out the metal dome tweeter.
You don't need to spend a fortune on the caps .think all 6 cost under £100 try (falcon acoustics)
I removed the old silver trim and front grill , and with a router I machined a pencil round on the front upright edges and front top edge .I also did the same on the front ports .Can't say if a sound improvement was achieved but aesthetically they look much better (after satin black spraying the front baffle. A little trick before routing is to mask around edges . a perfect edge is achieved then.
Enjoy your studio3s ,don't drive em to hard as replacement drivers are hard to find !!!

TDL Studio 1M speakers

Plaxtonp you are far from the only one who loves his TDLs.

My Studio 1M monitors are now 16 years old, have never given any trouble despite being moved around a lot (Singapore to Texas, then back to Australia). They are not perfect, but I would be deeply upset should they fail.

I also bought a pair of Near Field Monitors - little bookshelf ones.

My only regret is that I did not carefully arrange a full 7.1 speaker set when I bought these.

RIP John Wright, the TDL founder.

yep still using them

Hiya plaxtonp,

I see you put this question up a year ago....just joined here. I still use my RTL 3s and Nearfield monitors and MFM2. Can't help you with the price im afraid but I have a question of my own...you wouldn't happen to have any documentation that shows the RTL-3 frequency response would you? Im going to put them in the studio for monitoring but need to know how flat the response is.

I've had mine for 15 years and still love them. :)

plaxtonp's picture

TDL Loudspeakers

Hi, i had totally forgot that i had posted on this site until i was going through my favourites list, the TDL RTL 3 frequency response is an impressive 35hz to 20khz so has a good range. Still a fine speaker.
If you google TDL you will find quite a lot about them. There is a really good site if you type in Tanx.org into your search engine.The chap who made that site is on facebook if you use it at all. Cheers.

Want More

I have had my Studio 2 speakers since 1988 and are still going strong. I am looking for another set but they are hard to find in Australia.

TDL still goïng strong


I own a beautiful pair of TDL Studio Monitors. I bought them to replace my IMF Professional Monitors. It's just like the TDL's are a reïncarnation of the IMF's.

I just love these speakers, but there is a little drawback. By the time the whole system is as good as the speakers are, you're very likely to find more and more CD's and tracks that sound badly.

I think this is due to the revealing quality of the speakers. But when you do have a nice recording they are just awesome.

Oh, I use twin mono poweramps from AVM (the M1), a Pre-Amp and CD-player from Van Medevoort (dutch company) the CD-player is based on the TEAC VRDS line of CD-players only with even better electronics. Ah yes, a couple of straightwire cables ty it all together.



P.S. I'll have a look in my archive for manuals or brochures.

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