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TEAC A-3340S

4 Channel Simul-Sync Stereo Tape Deck

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TEAC A-3340S


The TEAC A-3340S is a semi-professional tape deck capable of 4-channel, stereophonic and monophonic recording and playback, with Simul-Sync function, and offering operating speeds of 15 ips and 7.5 ips

The basic design of the A-3340 is highly similar to that of the A-3340S, therefore service information may be applied to both models.


Track system: 4-track, 4-channel, stereo/monaural/multi channel system

Heads: 1 x erase, 1 x record, 1 x playback

Motor: 2 x reel, 1 x capstan

Reel size: up to 10.5 inch reel

Tape speeds: 7 12  15 ips

Wow and flutter: 0.04% (15 ips)

Frequency response: 25Hz to 24kHz (15 ips)

Signal to Noise Ratio: 55dB

Total harmonic distortion: 1%

Input: 100mV (line), 0.25mV (mic)

Output: 0.775V (line)

Dimensions: 522 x 440 x 170mm

Weight: 22.5kg

Accessories: empty reel, TZ-612 reel adaptor, connection cord


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Reviewed Apr 18th, 2019 by tutor turtle

I've owned two of these over the years. They are well-built, designed to provide years of trouble-free service. I did little more than clean/demagnetize the heads, a drop of lube here and there and the very rare belt change. I sold them off as they command too much real estate in the average sized audio rack. So why did I buy the second one? They are just awesome machines. They still command premium prices on the used market (as of 2019), so never throw one away. Even broken, someone will buy it, fix it, put it back into service. Cheers.

Reviewed Apr 09th, 2015 by RANBO




re: A-3340S

Hello. I have a A-3340S. It seems to work ok but when I try to play a pre-recorded tape, I get no sound. I'm wondering if I'm string up the tape wrong or is something else wrong. Thanks. Any help would be appreciated.

re: A-3340S

I bought my Teac 3340S new in the early '70s and haven't used it in many years. Last time I tried to use it, as I remember, the capstan wouldn't engage and it was very sluggish like it needed some cleaning/lubrication, so I de-racked it and put it aside to service it later. I sent an email to Teac's service department but never got a reply so I guess that's not an option. So I'm looking at the service manuals here and I see A3340 and A3340S model manuals. As I remember there were only two models of this deck, the first was 3340S and the later model was A3340S. My unit is the earlier 3340S. So the point is, where did the A3340 model number show up or is that confused with the 3340S? Thanks if anyone has some insight on this.
P.s. I had done live recordings in the '70s and would like to hear these again and want to play them back on the original machine. This unit has very low hours of use. Thanks again.

re: A-3340S

"I bought my Teac 3340S new in the early '70s and haven't used it in many years. Last time I tried to use it, as I remember, the capstan wouldn't engage and it was very sluggish like it needed some cleaning/lubrication"

Not uncommon, not for just this deck but for many R2Rs. The pinch roller is applied by spring force, as it should be. Going to "play" mode it simply allows the spring to do its thing. The grease underneath dries up and actually many units can be made operational just by moving the thing back and forth a bunch of times. Good lube, like LPS2, is good enough to get in there and become like a solvent for the grease from the factory and as long as you USE the thing it might be fine forever. If you expect to let it sit for five years and have it ready to go in two seconds not so much. If you want that you have to take it all apart, remove all the old grease and put on new grease. Lubriplate used to be the standard stuff to use but who knows now, find something. Everything changes...

These are extremely good decks, both in sound quality and build. If I didn't know better I would say it was built in the USA back when we built really good stuff. If the steel in it didn't have that "japcolor" anodize on it, it would have fooled me.

re: A-3340S

I'll reply to my own question. There were two basic models of 3340, the 3340 and the 3340S. The difference was speed control and selection from what I gather. The 3340S and A3340S are the same unit with the exception of a plug on the back for voltage selection. The 3340S is for USA 60Hz, 117vac. If someone else knows differently, I'd love to hear from you. Anyway, I'll use the A3340S service manual.

re: A-3340S -

I got mine a few months back and have just had time to look at it.
Squeaked like crazy and found that it was on the tape guide to the immediate right (looking head on) of the left tension arm. (BTW, BIG thank you for the service manual!) It was seized tight, so I used a pair of non-toothed channel-locks to carefully remove the cap.
On removal, going toward the machine, there's the cap, a silver 'roller', then an cylindrical aluminum block that rests against the faceplate. I had to be SUPER careful because the screw that comes from the back of the faceplate has NO RETAINER. There didn't appear to be any felt or bering or anything for the tape to roll on, just metal on metal on metal. Anyone have an exploded diagram of how this unit is supposed to go together? I can't believe tape is just supposed to rub against it. Any chance this is a bolixed repair from someone else?
Thanks for any assistance!

re: A-3340S

Was looking for an owners manual for a Teac 3340. You had exactly what I needed. Thanks very much!

TEAC 3340 Voltage question

Hi there!

Just bought this unit on Ebay and now I wait for delivery but there is one issue i'd like to clarify before actual item arrives.

I'm from Ukraine and we only have 220V in circuits but this machine is from US so during more than 30 years of exploitation it was set up for 110V.

I've spent pretty much time on reasearch of user/service manuals for device and found out that there IS an option of switching power supply unit to 220V but I still don't know how risky it is to "touch the dust" in such machine, you know.

Also, there is an option of buying power transformer from 220 to 110 and for this I also need to know how much power this machine has in Watts.

So could anyone help me to make a decision - which way is better? Should I really provide some resoldering work or it's more logical to buy a power transformer (and in last case, i need to know a power capacity of the machine)?

Thank you very much for your help, friends! ;)

Recording On 3340S


First time recording.....I am trying to record voice and pre-recorded CD music on my 3340S using 2 channel. I have the CD deck inserted on the back line input for channels 1 and 3 with record buttons on. Then I plug the mic in the front in channel 1. The meters show input on 1 and 3, and I can hear it on headphones....but after recording, playback output for 1 and 3 has music but no voice.

Am I suposed to record voice on rear 3 and 4? If so, I then can't plug in headphones for fron and rear unless I get a Y cable. Or, am I to activate simul-sink for 1 and 3?

Any help on recording this way is appreciated. I also have the Teac mixer but haven't used it.


re: Recording On 3340S

You might try simul-sink, but if that does not work, try checking the distance of the tape heads to the tape. It needs to be the distance of one pencil line from the tape. If that is not correct, then you will see two rods coming out of the body that actually move up and down. The way to get to that is from the back, and you will need to remove the light brown circuit board with the name Teac on it to have access. When you take the toggle that is attached to the rods, be careful, There are springs. use WD40 where the metal rubs, and you should get them to work again. This was a common problem on all tape decks.
Be sure to take photos at each step, so that you will see how it goes back together. Also check the angle of each head. The manual tells you how to do this.

Good Luck.

3rdof5's picture


Been looking for this for a while now

jwdavis's picture


Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting both the owner's and service manual for the 3340 I just bought. You guys are nothing short of awesome.

Just recieved my Dads TEAC

I have a TEAC A3340S In Super Condition, it was kept in climate controlled storage for years. I can't find the power cord. Does anyone know where I can get one?

Best Regards


jwdavis's picture

3440 power cord

It's a two prong, ungrounded, connector. I just purchased a 3440 and think I remember seeing some two element connectors on ebay. Try searching 3440s on ebay if you haven't found one by now. Hopefully, it or they haven't already been sold.

izar's picture


Use a computer plug, its the same deal.

A-3340S Owner's Manual

Appreciate if someone can offer or point a direction to download a copy of A-3340S Owner's Manual.

re: A-3340S Owner's Manual

Hi I own a Teac 3340s Reel-to-Reel, & I wish someone could help me with info on purchasing a Owners/Operater/Service manual. Thanks

teac a-3340s

i have this unit but the drivr motor has one setting on the pully and there is no cycle switch as noted in the schemetics. my unit is running fast and i am unable to regulate it. any suggestions ?

re: teac a-3340s

Just as an idea here. All of the recording equipment of the analog phase need warming up. Also another idea. I had the same problem, but when I looked in the back, and found the actuator for the pinch roller, it was not engaging. By lubricating with WD40 the black rod that goes in and out of the actuator, I got the pinch roller to work again. This is one of the spots that you need to lubricate when you do maintenance, and you need to do maintenance once a year, if not sooner, depending on usage.

re: teac a-3340s


I just pulled my 3340 S out of storage (climate controlled). Hadn't plugged it in for about 10 years. I seem to have the same problem you do. That is, the pinch roller does not engage. The tape guides are pulled out, preventing the tape from touching the heads. As I recall, that black lever attached to the pinch roller is there to save the heads and to let you control when the tape does touch the heads to help you quickly queue (cue) the tape where you want to stop. All the transport electronics and mechanics work fine, otherwise, or so it appears. The tape does move from the left to the right reels, due to the tape uptake tension applied by the takeup spindle. Is that what your problem was too?


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