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TEAC A-3440

4-Channel Multitrack Tape Deck with Simul-Sync (1979-85)

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TEAC A-3440


The new TEAC A-3440 represents another advancement on an already widely accepted technological base.

The previous A-3340S with Simul-Sync established the popularity of four channel tape decks with over-dub facility.

To a large segment of people who are seriously involved in creative music, both as artists and as professionals, decks such as the TEAC trail blazing A3340S satisfied a need.

Now the A3440 goes a step further by utilising the experience gained from producing truly professional tape decks, such as the Tascam 80-8.


Track system: 4-track, 4-channel, stereo/multi channel system

Heads: 1 x erase, 1 x record, 1 x playback

Motor: 2 x reel, 1 x capstan

Reel size: up to 10.5 inch reel

Tape speeds: 7 12  15 ips

Wow and flutter: 0.04% (15 ips)

Frequency response: 25Hz to 24kHz (15 ips)

Signal to Noise Ratio: 55dB

Total harmonic distortion: 0.8%

Input: 60mV (line), 0.25mV (mic)

Output: 0.3V (line)

Dimensions: 445 x 523 x 235mm

Weight: 25kg

Accessories: connection cords, RE-1002 empty reel, NAB reel hub adaptors, splicing tape


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Reviewed Sep 06th, 2014 by arcon

Superb machine, no distortion, no hiss , perfect speed, makes my hifi system do things it's never done before, beautiful mellow sound, great bass response. This plays music the way it was supposed to sound, my CD's records and cassette simply do not compare. $1000 well spent

Reviewed Sep 03rd, 2012 by soufis


Reviewed May 25th, 2012 by Dave Meckanic

As a reel to reel I gave it a reasonable rating because the unit worked well and gave me that 60's sound that you can get with a good tape instrument. But. I also record digitally and the noise floor on this unit is quite high, but again not bad for a 4 channel tape deck. Wow and Flutter however was excellent and within specifications.



re: A-3440

I have the classic broken capstan 901/902 switch issue. I assume I can't get the parts anymore so Is there an easy bypass fix? Like hotwiring the leads together or swapping the leads on each one? Something that's proven to work?

re: A-3440

I have an incredible TEAC 3440 "S". I have the factory, (original) manual as well.
There's a mechanical part on it that's not in the manual, and I'm hoping someone knows what it's for.
It's just to the lower right, just under the rubber tension knob. It pulls the tension knob away from it's position where the spool rests against the tape.
If you can drop me a line, I'd appreciate it.
Thanks, Dan Evans

re: A-3440

Hello Dan,
First, the tension knob is the " Pinch Roller "
The model you have maybe the 3440SX.
That roller is for tape editing.
With the deck in forward play mode, you can move that lever down, and now move the tape manually.
And hear the recorded material and allows you to locate the exact end of the recorded material.
This is used by audio professionals for precise tape editing.
BTW, check this website, the service manual may have more info for you.

A-3440 Circuit Description manual part number 510 326 30

Does anyone have a copy of the the A-3440 Circuit Description manual to donate please.... TEAC part number 510 326 30

re: A-3440

I am also looking for the size of the belt. Who can help?

re: A-3440

Belt size pinch roller details etc are all in the look and the circuity pdf file

re: A-3440

Hi, Many thanks for this resource, it's greatly appreciated !

A couple of questions: Does anyone know:

1: The correct size of the Capstan & Counter Belts ?
2: How to fit the Counter Belt onto the left-hand reel-motor-pulley ?

The maintenance docs don't make this clear.


re: A-3440

Hi there,
New to the forum, so hello!
I've recently picked one of these up, arrives this week... Can't wait to get going with it...
I'm a bit of newbie when it comes to using tape so this is going to be a daft question but could someone help me out...
Can this take 1/2in tape as well as 1/4in?

re: A-3440

No, just 1/4 in.

re: A-3440

After 40 years when I had a Sony TC250 it was time to buy another reel to reel.
It blew me away to see to many out there !
Anyway what is the real BIG difference between an A-3440 and A-3340s?
Is there more than what is mentioned here ?
hifiengine is a blast!!

re: A-3440

YES - I just had to have one of these 3440 machines. Paid a price for it. But I can't seem to get it to play the right speed. It's always fast. Weather I use the small or large reels and adjust the buttons accordingly - the pitch control just dosn't go slow enough. Any thoughts on that? I do notice the pinch rollor is a bit gummy. How is that cleaned?

Basic questions probably for you guys. It would be great if someone answered this. I love this thing!

Thanks - Glenn

re: A-3440

Pinch roller gummy is shot so will need to be replaced before it turns to a sticky tar like substance
As for your speed issues is it possible that your tapes were recorded at 3-3/4 ips as these teacs run at 7-1/2 ands 15 ips which will make your tapes sound fast
Hope this helps Gordon

re: A-3440

I have the same problem, have the same unit, made sure the correct tape size is selected, has new drive belt, unit is super clean, although when you mess with the pitch control it seems to be malfunctional? I also could use a reply , Thank you.. Would the fact that the tapes Im playing were recorded on Teac-A-2340 have any thing to do with the tape being played to fast,tried everything, in the dark,need help, again thank you..

re: A-3440

See above comment re tape speed

re: A-3440

Gummed up would slow it up more so that's not the issue.

Teac a3440 right tension arm spring

I was wondering if anyone had any idea where I might be able to get a replacement spring for the right tension arm. Also, if there is an equivalent size I should be looking for, that would also be great to know. The dang thing just fell right off.

poor_boy's picture

tension arm

hi. try vintagetexas.com. Rolf sells lots of things for vintage gear.

the Dreaded Channel #4 issue...

Greetings all :)
I decided to join up and see if I can get this thing going again with some random bits of insight, should anyone have them. I recently picked up an A3440 after my Otari MX 50/50 1/2" 8 Track getting nicked ...-beyond despair-... but trying to move on.. Anyway,
This unit has new Play and Record heads waiting to be installed, and a few extra bits and pieces (channel boards, etc) for spare parts if I need them, and wanted to know if anyone else has had this issue here in this forum with Track #4 being ...troublesome... on the Playback head.
I've even tried gently pressing with a q-tip the tape against the head to see if contact was an issue, but was not. -Changed the channel boards out and that didn't work..

The 1st Problem is upon playback, (with Play head) all channels work except #4, which just has No program material during tape playback, and a loud -almost similar to a guitar being unplugged-sound to it when the output is turned up.

The 2nd issue is the "Sync" head -All 4 channels work, but the fidelity is Very low in comparison to the playback head. (Loss of hi-freq, mushy sounding)

I found a test tape - brand new in wrapper - which sounds incredible on my working 4300SX, so I know it is not the tape. :)

Should any of you here have any insight you feel like tossing my way, I would be grateful.

Thanks so much :)

re: the Dreaded Channel #4 issue...

Hi, Have you tried de-magnetized the heads,
But clean heads first. Hope you get through.
All the best.

TEAC A3440


Replacment Part TEAC A-3440

Greeting All,
I have a TEAC A-3440 reel. I need a replacement part. P/N 55344680 Capstan Belt. I wondering if any can suggest where I would be able to purchase one. You help is most appreciated.

PS I really want to thank the owner(s) of this site...Great resource!!!


re: Replacment Part TEAC A-3440

You can buy the belt at the web page shown below. It includes a "free oiler" and instructions.
Tried to find a deal for both the tape counter belt and the capstan belt, but no success so far.
Good Luck



Michael Sunter's picture

Capstan Drive Belt

They are on offer all the time at eBay.

Just Google "Teac 3440 Capstan Drive Belt" and you will be presented with several options.

Good luck - I have a Teac 3340S and it is among the best decks I have ever had, and I have owned Ampex, Sony, Uher and Philips just to name a few.

TEAC A3440 reel to reel

A big Thank You for providing this service.
My A3440 has a fault that I've not identified yet and I've now downloaded the manuals. Hopefully that will help me (or my trusty repairman!) to get things fixed.

Thanks again.

have a sr-303 reverberation amp need help

okay here's the deal i have a pioneer sx-1050 stereo and cant get the sr-303 to work i was wondering do i need two sets of RCA jacks or what im lost please help...... also will the sr-303 work on fm???

No sound during playback, Teac A-3440

No matter what i do I can get no sound to play after recording. For testing purposes I only have my bass recording one channel, and when I press the play output and try playing it through headphones I get nothing. I know this is a vague description but I'm new to analog, but have an entire set-up that was handed down graciously and would like to put it to good use. Thanks in advice in advance.

Great website!

Thanks to everyone at HiFi Engine for providing this service. I found the manuals for my Teac A-3440 without any problems. This will certainly help me restore the A-3440 to its former glory.


Excellent site thank you!

Excellent site thank you!

Swissaudio Uruguay's picture

Teac 3440 Simul Sync

Thanks for your help. Hi-Fi Engine is simply the best. Many thanks to those behind-the-scene workers who put all these on line. Videoson Uruguay

A 3440

Anyone have a good source for parts? Belts, heads?


thank you so much !

now finaly i can repair / cusomize my recorder.

3340 info

Thank you hifiengine for the nice info on the Teac 3340 series

Miami Fl


These manuals should always be free. I was ready to create a site myself when I couldn't find manuals I had paper copies of for free online. Thanks for doing this!

Thank You

HiFiEngine....thank you so much for this fantastic resource. A lifesaver. Best of the 'net. Maybe now I won't have to throw away my old A3440. Thanks again.

Teac 3440

Thanks very much for your efforts in providing manuals!

Fantastic Resource!

It was great to be able to download an owner & service manual for this machine. In the mid 70's, access to one of these machines inspired me to become an audio engineer! I'm looking to refurbish one for nostalgic reasons!!

Thanks so much!


TEAC A-3440

Great site for TEAC information!

Thank you for being able to down the service manuals!

Very best regards,


TEAC A-3440

Thanks for the documentation. A friend gave me one of these machines, and I had it rebuilt and am presently digitizing old concert tapes with it. Having the manuals is fantastic!!!




Un grand merci pour la diffusion des informations techniques.


Thanks very much for the brilliant downloads
Cool site

Important resource for audio hobbyists

Thank you very much for the manuals!


Teac A3440s Info

Great quality downloads, thanks very much

Teac A-3440

Many Thanks to you for your assistance to those of us with vintage equipment and missing or lost manuals.
May you and yours have a happy holiday!!



God bless you for the help you give us.

teac a3440

excellent site
tnx for use of your good services
and wish all were as good and helpful
as yours is


Thank you, Thank you!I appreciate being able to download manuals from your site.

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