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TEAC A-4010S


The TEAC A-4010S 4-track stereo tape deck is high quality equipment designed for the serious audiophile who desires a tape deck containing all the features required for interconnecting to a component stereo system or for expanding a console unit to provide tape recording/reproducing capabilities.

The A-4010S deck has an extra playback head for automatic reverse play, eliminating the need to turn the tape over when the end of the reel is reached.


Track system: auto reverse, 4-track, 2-channel, stereo system

Heads: 2 x playback, 1 x erase, 1 x record

Motor: 2 x reel, 1 x capstan

Reel size: up to 7 inch reel

Tape speeds: 3 34  7 12 ips

Wow and flutter: 0.12% (7 12 ips)

Frequency response: 30Hz to 20kHz (7 12 ips)

Signal to Noise Ratio: 50dB

Crosstalk: 40dB

Input: 80mV (line), 0.25mV (mic)

Output: 0.5V (line)

Dimensions: 17 3/8 x 17 7/16 x 8 1/2 inches

Weight: 44lbs



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Reviewed Feb 27th, 2019 by alfredo hernandez guerrero

excellent quality and price



re: A-4010S

the pinch roller has gotten so stuck I have to push it to stop the tape from just spinning when I press play.

re: A-4010S

I bought one a few years ago from a shop. I seemed to work fine except it loses tension on the uptake reel and stops. I though it was the fault of my old tapes but I now think it is the deck. Any ideas what needs attention?

re: A-4010S

just purchased a 4010s and replaced belt and deoxit, etc but the pinch roller would not engage. started looking and pinch roller arm which contains the sleeve bearing was there , but, the sleeve bearing and however it's attached to the chassis was missing!! i put a small screw thru the hole where it should mount and it engages! so, i'm looking for a pinch roller arm with bearing or just the bearing and whatever attaches it to the chassis. Anybody know where to find this or know anyone who's parting out a 4010 that might sell me the part?

re: A-4010S seperate pre amp ra-40s

For those of you searching for the separate preamp ra-40s schematic look on pg 39 of the service manual. The pages are not numbered so you will have to use your pdf reader page number read out.

re: A-4010S

I just plugged in my TEAC 1040S after 33 years and all appeared to work except no VU meter movement therefore no sound as it played. FF, Rewind lights all work. I hate to throw it away. does andy one have an idea what person or place would want it for repair or use. I cleaned the heads and still not response as it runs.

kmh3212's picture

re: A-4010S

These machines look very complicated however they are not hard to work on. Do a search on you tube about repairing reel to reel tape machines. The mechanical part is not that hard.
The preamp problem could be a loose or corroded connection. If you check these things out buy a can deoxit.
If your close to a big city look in the Yellow pages on line and find a stereo, Tv and radio repair shop and start calling around.

re: A-4010S

see my comment above ..i'd take it for parts...if the price was right.

re: A-4010S

Just installed a new belt in a TEAC A-4010S. and am restoring it. The bulb that indicates power is on is fried. Only makings on it is "8V". Its a threaded bulb also. Any ideas where I can get one. I've looked at both the user and service manual but no luck getting a good part number that I can search with . The TAEC number in the service manual doesn't source out to anything.

Thanks :)

re: A-4010S

I'm restoring a 4010s also. I think the bulb is just a 46 (threaded type) 6.3v similar to a common 44 or 47 type

re: A-4010S will not go into play mode.

I obtained the machine from my sister, unfortunately my Brother in Law died.

the Teac , needs maintenance.

My belt is gone which I will replace.

All motors only work in high speed will not go into play mode.

Brakes are good, micro switches work, capstan motor, goes in both directions when I press forward and reverse.

the left tape reel motor, runs clockwise, and the right motor runs CC , in high speed along with the capstan motor, tape counter works, but need a belt.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

re: A-4010S

I just bought a Teac A-4010 SL. In my initial test, everything seems working except the pinch roller does not engage the capstan when I push play. If I manually push it to the capstan, it plays well. When I push stop, it does not disengage until I manually push it back. Does this sound like a lubrication issue or something else?

re: A-4010S

I had the same issue with mine and adjusted it as you will find in the service manual on Pg. 7.
I didn't use a scale as I don't have one handy but I did Loosen the jam nut (7mm wrench and socket together) and then screwed the inner (left side) nut in a few turns and re-tightened the jam nut. It increased the pinch roller pressure enough to pull the tape. I also oiled it lightly at the two pivot points of the pinch roller linkage. Be CAREFUL not to get ANY oil on the roller itself!!
I also cleaned the pinch roller with both alcohol and scuffed it ever so slightly with some #0000 steel wool being careful not to rub too hard and cause a low spot. The pinch roller will come off easily but just pulling it out from the deck.
It works flawlessly now!
I wish you the best!
Ren Ren

re: A-4010S

Experiencing the same. It's likely dried grease on the Pinch Roller linkage bering, which is apparently a common condition. See "servicing a vintage Teac A-4010s reel to reel" Youtube by Jordon Pier...

re: A-4010S

I've got two A-4010S machines here, both with AR-40S amplifiers for which I cannot find a circuit anywhere.

One machine has been a workhorse for a couple years, transferring tapes to digital. The other machine was acquired recently and needs a belt. The first machine started acting up; transport Ok but amplifier flaky, finally the left channel went out. (I transfer a lot of goofy tapes of various formats. I don't necessarily know if one channel or the other is blank; I've had some recorded 1/4 track mono, all 4 tracks.) I tried to crank up the new machine with a rubber band belt (old machine has been running on a particularly good rubber band for quite a while; I'd forgotten that. New belt on order.) Anyhow, I got the new one kind of set up and got as far as proving the amp was good, with sound, meter lights, and all. Never had meter lights in the old one.

New rubber band belt won't stay put, so I swapped the amps. New amp in old machine is now dead, no meter lights, no sound, no nuthin'. Old amp in the new machine is good, at least as far as lighting up (belt won't stay put long enough to test much). So the problem must be in the tape deck. Power, I'm guessing, but I can't find any information on how and what power is passed to the amp. 35 volts AC off the primary of the power transformer (autotransformer style), 24 volts DC - what?

Has anyone got an AR-40S circuit diagram? Has anyone got a better clue than me? Any suggestions will be appreciated.

re: A-4010S

Can you please give me some trouble shooting ideas on the power of one of these? Have replaced two fuses and still nothing when I hit the power button. Thank you in advance.

re: A-4010S

Got an A-4010S but it seems to have the newer "AR-40S" preamp.
Anyone know where to find service manual on this?

re: A-4010S

Hello friends, I just changed out the belts on my teac 4010s (worked before) now every time its powers on and the automatic shut of lever engages it blows the fuse,now im stumped any suggestions would be great thanks

re: A-4010S playback

I fired-up my 4010s after setting idle for 25 years. Had to replace the capstan drive belt. Everything works but there is no output from the right channel after 3-4 minutes of playing. The UV meter stop responding. So I'm thinking the problem is Q1 or Q3 for the right channel preamp. So, are these components located on the same circuitboard as the 3 relays? And are they off the shelf components?


re: A-4010S

I am rebuilding a Teac 4010s. Got it all cleaned, lubricated, new belts.
The play, fast, rewind, FF buttons will not stay engaged. All of the motors work, everything seems to be functioning, but the buttons. How are they locked in? I see a coil, are they solenoid locked? any help would be appreciated. Also looking for a VU meter cover.

re: A-4010S

The only button that stays in is the Fast Forward button. That is what the solenoid does. If once you press play it plays the tape then that is the normal operation.
I own a 4010 SL and a 4010GSL

re: A-4010S

I finished replacing the capstan belt (on the inner track - i.e. nearest to the front metal cover) and putting oil where needed but I am having problems. Specifically, and with the front metal cover removed so that I can see what is going on, with the power on, when I simply move the automatic shut off lever to the far left/on position, the belt and flywheel start spinning and will only stop when I move the lever back to the right. However, if I then hit the run button, nothing happens; that is, the reels are stationary and do not move in either direction. A related but different problem is that, with the front cover back on, none of the start, forward, or reverse buttons work - they are all in a non-functioning mode, flat to the metal cover and not protruding from the cover and working. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks. Mike

re: A-4010S

Hi Mike,
I lost track of you. I did not look into HFE for weeks. So the belt was gone?
This new problem has me stumped.
How did you put on the belt? Did you remove the transport from the wood case? Then remove the back metal cover on the transport, the 4 -5 screws holding the deck assembly on lifted it all out of the way and install a new belt from behind?
You must have repositioned some of the mechanics or remounted the deck ass'y wrong. Sounds like a relay is not getting activated. There are 5-7 relays on that deck that operate the transport.
I will post if I can think of anything.

re: A-4010S

Hi Frank, Did some, but not most, of what you describe. With the belt came a set of instructions that did not require dismantling everything. From the back, what I did loosen was the bar across the back of the capstan and, having removed the screws holding the capstan in place from the front, was able to weave the belt in from the back and around the flywheel and pulley in the center. Didn't really move or dismantle anything else so I'm a little puzzled and everything seemed to go back in place in the right order and as it should.

First question to start the process: with power on, when I move the automatic shut off lever below the right-hand reel, does that automatically engage the flywheel - with mine, it does? Second, is the only way to stop the flywheel to release the shut off back to its far right position? Third, with out the reels attached, the system and controls, with the front cover off, seem to work fine, but when I attach the reels, it doesn't have enough juice to turn them; could that be a gummed up oil situation? Finally, as noted in my earlier note, I seem to have other problems when I re-attach the front cover, like the control basically sticking flat to the cover and not able to be pushed in or to retract. Thanks so much. Mike

re: A-4010S

Am sure this is a pretty basic question but, after years of not playing my Teac, I set it up today and when I hit play, nothing happened. When I took off the reels, however, the shafts of both reels spun in both forward and reverse, but with the reels attached, nothing, either forward or reverse. Any thoughts on how I can fix the problem/ Many thanks.

re: A-4010S

Frank, thanks very much. The pinch roller works and it all works if I hit fast forward or fast reverse, but in regular play mode it "engages", if you will, but doesn't turn. That said, if I remove the reels and hit play, the spokes on which the reels sit turn just fine. Any further thoughts? Thanks.

re: A-4010S

Is your pinch roller engaging, that is, is it moving up to the capstan?
Can you tell if the capstan motor is running? The shut off arm on the right side turns on the motor, just move it to the left a little. You can also take off the back panel, I think there are only 8 screws, then you can see the motor running.
If the PR is not engaging, the shaft it pivots on is all gummed up from old grease.
If PR is engaging and motor is running, your belt is probably bad if not dissintegrated.

re: A-4010S

Frank, thanks very much. The pinch roller works and it all works if I hit fast forward or fast reverse, but in regular play mode it "engages", if you will, but doesn't turn. That said, if I remove the reels and hit play, the spokes on which the reels sit turn just fine. Any further thoughts? Thanks.

re: A-4010S

Did you take the back off of the tape deck cabinet?
You can then see if the motor is running.
If so, I would guess your belt is shot.
I have seen many where the belt just desintagrates.

re: A-4010S

Have taken both the front and back panels off and the belt is shot. Was about to remove the 4 screws holding the capstan in place and one of the screws would appear to be directly behind a mass of wires (2nd screw in from the right as you look down on the unit from the rear). Any suggestions on how to reach that screw? Related questions: once the screws are removed and the capstan is movable, does it easily pull out from the front sufficient to then reattach a new belt? thanks so much! Mike

re: A-4010S

thanks - will begin to take it apart and see what's going on.

re: A-4010S

reel holders not holding, drill a hole kinda close to the opening, in back of the holder, jam in a piece of metal and the rubber closest to the hole will push out and create a tighter grip

won't record, make sure the pinch roller is FULLY dis-engaged or it won't kick into record

re: A-4010S

MY 4010S had a worn out slipping belt which I replaced. Now it plays the tape too fast. Slow speed 3-3/4 sounds almost like 7-1/2. I cannot figure out what is causing that.

re: A-4010S

The belt is running on the 50 Hertz side of the flywheel and capstan motor. Open it up and place the belt on the other slot.

re: A-4010S

Picked a A4010s up. Cleaned and lubed but am having problems with the left input. It does pick up signal but it's very weak Hardly registers on the meter even when the input level is all the way up. Prerecorded tapes output sound good on left and right but any sound going into the machine only registers well in the right meter. Switched the left and right cables going in so I know it's not the stereo output. Cleaned the source switch again as well as the level dial and the input plug. Left mic input works fine. Any ideas were to go from there?

re: A-4010SL

I was looking at the diagram for lubrication and it just points to the motors, capstan assembly and Pinch roller. Where do you exactly put the oil? I was looking for a small hole or some point where it looks like it what do some good, but didn't see one.

re: A-4010SL oiling

There are small clear tubes that lead from behind the reels and go into the motor. I think, repeat "I think", these are to direct the oil into the bearing. I am considering putting a drop of oil into one and see if it works.
Does anyone know if this is correct?

re: A-4010SL oiling

I'm pretty sure the little tubes are indeed there to direct oil to the bearing. Make sure the tubes are still connected at the other end.

re: A-4010S

I performed some maintenance on my 4010S.
I replaced the main belt and cleaned and oiled the pinch roller arm shaft.
After reassembly things are not right.
Now when I try to play forward the left hand reel turns CW (It should turn CCW)
and when I try to play reverse the right hand reel turns CCW (It should turn CW).
What need I do to correct the situation?

re: A-4010S

I received an email from David Davis after referring my concern to him. He said:

"Not to worry..... that’s how it works. Take up reel goes the direction to take up tape. The supply wheel runs opposite to maintain tension. With no tape loaded, it does what you saw."

re: A-4010S

My 4010 will not reverse. When I press the button, I hear what sounds like a faint solenoid and then nothing happens. I know the motor actually is supposed to reverse so I'm thinking it's a stuck solenoid. I can't seem to download the manuals because the pages come out blank only for the 4010. Does anyone have any ideas on either issue? Thanks!

re: A-4010S

I recently acquire a Teac A-4010S that needs a new belt. When I opened the back to get to the capstan mounting screws, I noticed two wires twisted together and soldered, with the solder joint just hanging there in the air. I looked for a place to re-connect them, assuming they had been attached somewhere, but could not find a place they obviously came from. The wires are each white with red and blue stripes. I have a picture of them I could send to anyone who is willing to look at their machine and tell me where they go. Of course, it is possible that they should be where they are, and maybe insulation has dropped off the solder joint.

If there is a way to post the picture here, I'll be happy to do that too, but I can't see how to do that.

I just found the gallery and uploaded my picture there. Title "Teac A-4010S rear view"

Thanks in advance for any info.


re: A-4010S

I found where the wires came from, remote connector pin 8.

re: A-4010S

Just a note to thank you for your speedy response to my request for a user manual for my Teac A-4010S tape deck

Record monitor latency


I'm new to this site and not sure if this is the proper place to ask questions. If it's not, I'm sorry, and would you please direct me to where I can as this question? Otherwise, here goes. I've recently replaced the capstan belt on my teac a-4010s. Most everything is working well, however I've found that there is some latency between the record and playback. The delay is noticeable in many instances. Example: When i record from a microphone to the tape deck and set the monitor to tape, there is a noticeable delay from when i speak to when the sound comes out of the monitor (like a slap back only longer.) Another instance of this can be heard when recording L and R separately. Example: If I record guitar to left channel and then go back to record vocals on the right, they end up noticeably out of sync. Is this caused by the distance between the record and playback head? Is it possible to decrease the latency? Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,


Reel Holders

The black rubber reel holders loose their grip.
Where can I get good new ones?
Ebay ones are old and worn out, too.

re: Reel Holders

Try boiling the Rubber stops or slide a small piece of electrical tape in them .Worked for me.

golfnut6's picture

re: Reel Holders

An emergency fix for me was a metal binder clip -- OIC® Small Binder Clips at Office MAX. Not too pretty; but they work so well that I gave up trying to find acceptable rubber ones on eBay. There is a photo in my gallery (TEAC4010sReelHolder).

grebnesi's picture

re: Reel Holders

I use the old time liquid rubber cement. I dip a toothpick into the cement as deep as the hole in the reel holder. I then slowly apply the cement evenly around the inside of the hole. I only apply the cement to the sides, not the bottom. I do one or two applications and let the holder rest between applications face down until the cement cures. A day is enough to let the cement set up. My holders hold like new.

Reel holders

Go to Lowes. Buy some large rubber stoppers in the nut and bolts section. Drill a hole in the center of the smaller side of the stopper. Sorry, can't remember what size, but it works great and isn't hard to figure out.

re: Reel holders

I found some standard grommets with a small hole in the center that work perfectly as reel holders. You could probably find them in a well equipped old fashioned hardware store with the drawers that have all kinds of small parts.

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