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TEAC Open Reel Supplement


Many articles have been written concerning the relative merits of open reel decks vs cassette decks. Some of these articles have even selected one or the other as being better. Our position, at TEAC, is that both types are excellent, can give good service and provide many months and even years of recording and listening pleasure.

A large number of audiophiles own both an open reel deck and a cassette deck. Cassette decks have many advantages and features that continue to attract customers (especially convenience and price).

Open reel decks also have capabilities and features that appeal to many serious audiophiles. Here are some of them. Features such as separate Record/Playback heads, Editing and cueing controls, mic-line mixing, monitoring functions, provide versatility for many creative recording situations.

The modern audiophile doesn't seem to be content to just record performances as they are. He or she wants to create, to experiment, to modify. They want to put something of themselves into their recordings.

The pro or semi-pro recordist will find the high end performance and versatility a distinct advantage. Few, if any, records are made today directly from a single live performance. A singer's voice is recorded at one time, instruments are added or changed, a chorus may be added and often other special effects are mixed in. The final recording may be completely unrecognisable by the artist who sang the original song.

The higher speeds of the open reel decks make possible higher quality recordings which challenge the limits of one's entire stereo system.

The quality, styling and price of open reel decks make them prestige items. A well designed open reel deck seems to blend in with the most expensive furniture decor and even enhances the overall atmosphere of successful living.


AX-10, AX-20, HP-103, MC-201, RC-120, RC-140, RC-150, RC-170, RC-314, RC-316, RC-318, RC-320, RC-350, RC-407, RC-601, RC-701, RE-1002, RE-701, RE-702, RE-711



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