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1/4 Track 2-Channel Stereo Tape Recorder (1979-81)

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Track system: auto reverse, 4-track, 2-channel, stereo system

Heads: 2 x playback, 2 x record, 2 x erase

Motor: 2 x reel, 1 x capstan

Reel size: up to 10.5 inch reel

Equalization: NAB

Tape speeds: 3 34  7 12 ips

Wow and flutter: 0.05% (7 12 ips)

Frequency response: 40Hz to 22kHz (7 12 ips)

Signal to Noise Ratio: 50dB

Total harmonic distortion: 0.8%

Crosstalk: 40dB

Input: 60mV (line), 0.25mV (mic)

Output: 0.4V (line)

Dimensions: 461 x 454 x 270mm

Weight: 20kg


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re: X-10R

This is Ananda Pathirage from Italy, I would like to hear from anyone where can I order playback motor for Teac X-10R reel to reel deck.

re: X-10R

Hi there, why do you thing that your motor is for replacement?Did you try to disassemble it to look what is the situation inside?I think I can help you repair the things inside. I have a 10,10R,300R and Akai GX77 and I've done many restorations on them.Some of the restoration I made were just for fun to see what's inside and if needed to rectify. I think I can send you some pictures of the motor(disassembled) if I haven't deleted them.

re: X-10R

Just started rebuilding an X10R today. I have a few issues. 1: Both pinch rollers are stuck. I have read through all the comments on cleaning old grease and re-lubricating. Seems straight-forward. 2: The capstan belt is black jelly. Its not clear to me the best disassembly path to get to it. Should I come in from the sides, back or front? The ebay seller several people have referenced for new belts has no auctions. Any leads on alternate sources for belts? Also, as a general tip, how to clean it up? It is very sticky and I've not really found a solvent that seems to cleanly dissolve it. 3: My last issue is with the reel motor. One of them works just fine, the other won't spin under power. When I release the brake and spin by hand it makes it about 1/8 of a turn and then "clunks" internally. Maybe a shot bearing or something?

And one last general purpose question. For lubrication, what is the best bet here? For example the bronze bearings that are inside the capstans and tape tensioners. My inclination would be to use something with PTFE in it, either a liquid one like tri-flow or a drying one. Anyone have something that works well? I've also run across a felt washer or two inside of the spinny parts, are those dust shields or are they oil reservoirs?


re: X-10R


I'm new to this hifi engine. I don't know if you've already received word from anyone on your question. I don't read any answers here. Sewing machine oil will do the trick very nicely. I cleaned the old grease off with isopropanol and cue tips. Worked out very nicely.
I removed the entire capstan assembly, including flywheel mechanism from the back. I am no technician from NASA so it took me a while to figure everything out. But cleaning the capstan mechanism from the front is very difficult. I read that it can be done but I could not figure out how.
Did you get your belts yet? I got mine here in the Netherlands for 13 euro.

Hope this helps. Though you've probably got things sorted out by now.

re: X-10R

Well, I figured out that reel motor issue. One of the magnets had come loose. Rotating the rotor pushed the magnet until it hit the other one and then slid over the windings. Thank goodness that TEAC coated them with a very thick plastic or else it would have destroyed the windings. UNFORTUNATELY, when I pulled the rotor out, the magnet slipped out of my hand and smashed into the other one, breaking it clean in half. So now I need to track down a magnet or a motor. Argh.

Rob Caspers's picture

re: X-10R

Hello Guys,

Working on a X10R that I bought in 1981. When I moved to another house the recorder went in a closet for about 20 years... On trying to get it to working again no transport ofcourse, belt completely gone and capstan rollers unmoveable. Cleaned everything, newly greased rollers work fine.
After replacing the belt transport works fine, like new. Now another problem arises: machine won't record in either direction. Playback fine, both directions. Recording signal VERY weak more than 30 dB down. So obviously no Bias on record heads. Erasing works excellent.
Putting the scope on to trace high bias frequency, not able to find resistor R494 on the PCB outside. Strange. Is this because the PCB layout is only for X10 instead of X10R?
Anyway, any of you guys encountered the same problem?

Entry about 2 hours later:

While loosening PCB found R494 on the inside, Appears not to be indicated on the outside.
Sliding switches on inside of PCB freed by removing the solenoid-driven switchrail.
Injected with contact spray. No recording result so far, but now high frequency Bias present on recording heads!
But stil very, VERY weak audio, that also seems to be lacking the higher frequencies.

Any ideas on your side?

Thanks in advance for your reply!

Rob Caspers, Netherlands.

re: X-10R

Hi Rob, I just had a fellow ask me to look at his X10R. He says it won't record. What did you find out with yours? Thanks in advance! Michael Cravener

JoeP's picture

re: X-10R

Just received a 10Xr that I bought. Seller claimed everything working great. Put the tape reels on and it will do FF and REV but will not move when play button is pressed. Any ideas before I box it up and send it back? I have tried everything I remember from my days of Reel to Reel 40 years ago. Just cannot make it go in PLAY.

re: X-10R

The X10 suffers from a well known problem with the pinch roller mechanism. Each pinch roller sits at the end of an arm which pivots about a post on the head/capstan assembly. The arm is in two parts linked by a spring.
The issue is that the lubricant used in the 1980s dried out and thus doesn't lubricate but becomes like treacle.
The solution is to remove the head/capstan assembly, held by six screws accessed from the front of the machine, and then carefully remove the arms, held by two screws. Ensure that the armatures are retained in the solenoids and restrain the circlip linking the mechanism to the solenoids, mine flew off never to be seen again!
Using a degreaser clean all the old grease from both parts of the arm and ensure that the two parts move relative to each other, the spring is there to regulate the pinch roller load. Now re lubricate the pivot, inside and out, and reassemble onto the head/capstan assembly. repeat for the other arm.
The mechanism should move with the application of minimal force.
Do NOT adjust the play or pause solenoids.

re: X-10R

I recently purchased a Teac X-10R that looks absolutely brand new. It even still has the cardboard warning that goes over the end of the power plug. It will FF/REV just fine, but it won't play in either direction. When I just hold the tension arms up manually and press play the reels spin in opposing directions. When I thread a tape the reels just tighten against the tape and stop. Has anyone else ever seen an issue where the reels want to spin in opposing directions therefore stopping playback? Any help is appreciated!


re: X-10R


Check the belt motor/capstanĀ“s.... may be wrong assembly so the capstan move wrong way.

Question: the direction of capstan move match with key direcction?

re: X-10R

For those of you with drooping tape issue, you need to degrease and regrease the Pinch Roller assembly.

This can easily be done. Remove the head covers. Take off the pinch rollers by unscrewing the silver cap. Be careful and don't lose the two washers. One on top and one under the roller.

Now slowly wiggle the arm as you are pulling up. Don't remove all the way just yet. Notice at the other end of the arm there is a rod that goes thru an assembly and a washer. Leave the washer where it is.

Now remove the arm and clean the old grease. Also clean the grease from the rod that it came off of. Put a little lithon grease on the up and down rods. Now reassemble making sure that the down rod goes thru the lower assembly and washer. Do the same on the other side.

Before putting the rollers back on,look at the two black washers that are on the Capstan rods. They both have a lip that should be facing out. If not, you'll have to slide them off and reverse them. To take them off you'll have to remove the Capstan motor. Then gently slide the Capstan back while holding on to the washer. Be careful not to drop them.

During assembly of the pinch rollers, make sure that the tiny washers don't get pinched. Now test by moving the pinch by pushing them up by hand.

re: X-10R

I ordered this unit for repair project from Ebay, it wasn't working (new belt was installed) and after few hours I was able to make to unstuck the pinch rollers and clean the recording and playback heads. It doesn't do only one thing - play in forward. It can play in reverse, it can record, fast forward and fast rewind is working as well. I don't know that to do. I hope it's something that happens in the most units of this model and somebody had that issue before and will share a solution with me.

re: X-10R

I found the solution. A bad solder in the vertical board. Somewhere I read that these guys had some solder issues in the past. I took a magnifying glass and found the issue.

re: X-10R

My X-10R slowly slowly turns in play mode in either direction but in FF or RW it works perfectly...Someone said take cover off and adjust nut on top...What cover and How do I take cover off? Thanks

re: X-10R capstan motor/belt

I've had my x-10r for 2 years now (from eBay,around $500) Seller claimed it worked, arrived with no PLAY forward or reverse (REW & FF are fine). Had an incompetent repairmain waste $200 and merely remove a sticky belt, and not want to proceed further. Brought to very competent person, with an annoying traffic filled drive and spent over $300 on a used motor, new belt, labor etc. That used motor failed in a few months, and I had him put in my own used motor ($100) for another $150 labor at least.

Now going into year 3, I hear squeaky noise while threading tape on tension arms, and now it won't play once again (I hear no motor sound when tension arms are raised together). This time I purchased my own belt ($20.), and a NEW motor ($200), and tackled the job myself.

After managing the cover removal, and capstan motor plate removal, it seemed the belt was fine. So I went ahead and installed the new motor and the new belt. STILL NO PLAY.

Over 5 hrs gone by wasted. So now I am basically $1500 into this machine and can't play a tape. Just so frustrating, don't no what to do from here on. Try another round of $95/hr professional diagnosis and repair (??? $$$)?

I do have an Akai GX-635D that has given me no problems so far, purchased at around the same time for about $700 fully serviced.

I do use them 3x a week on an internet music program with live video People are astounded to see them after "all these years", but I didn't realize the frustration and cost of maintaining them.

re: X-10R

how do I replace the capstan belt on my X10r - i cannot seem to find instructions on how to do it - also how do you take the unit apart to get to the belt? Is a special tool required?

Teac X-10 tape looping

Thanks Drahcirw ,I have already done what you suggested since my original comment with limited results. Although the machine plays there is still some slight tape slack for the first 1/4 of a 10" reel (fine after that) also when the reverse is actuated the tape slips in the capstans momentarily .Its a very fine line between slippage and looping .I am convinced that the problem lies with the back tension on the left hand reel and I think the culprit is the cap that regulates the voltage to the supply reel on playback .I am going to check the various specs for reel tensions when i get a spring gauge and ill post the results on here . Thanks.

marcovalleggi's picture

re: Teac X-10 tape looping

You need 2 new pinchroller to solve your problems, or you can buy a rubber rejuvenator and put the pinchroller into this licquid for about 30 min. The pinchroller become elastic again and the problem is solved. Anyway, 2 new pinchroller is the best choice. As you can see in my video , is in italian but take a look what i do with the pinchroller. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3bVLLELy3o

tape tracking off heads

I have replaced the capstan belt on my X-10R (the old one was so soft it wouldn't drive the capstans) but I cant get it to play in forward mode without the tape looping then running out of the right hand capstan / pinch roller . Reverse is fine ,the belt (genuine Teac item)is running across the flywheels correctly , the capstans and pinch rollers are clean and in good condition , I have tried the rollers from my X2000R with no improvement. If I apply some hand pressure to the left hand reel this works and the machine plays fine , I cant find any adjustment for backtorque for the reel motors in the service manual . This was a non working machine I bought as a doer upper with sticky pinch roller mech and needing a belt so I have not had it working myself. any ideas anyone ??!! Thanks.

I have one... did the same thing.

If you take the cover off... there are two adjustments on the top of the unit, which are nuts. I was able to get my deck to play properly by backing the pressure off the the nut located approximately center of the unit. The Service Manual calls it the "Pinch Roller Pressure Stroke Adjustment." I had to back it off pretty far on mine for the problem to go away... the bolt in the nut is now flush with the nut edge. Plays great now! Good luck!

re: I have one... did the same thing.

Hey guys, when you say "take cover off" to make nut adjustments on top..What cover are you referring to and how do you remove it? Thanks

re: I have one... did the same thing.

I tried this also. My experience is if you back this adjustment off too far, the pinch rollers will not press the tape against the capstans hard enough and the tape starts slipping about halfway through the reel. Retightening the adjustment will make the tape play, but, if you go too far, the tape may start splaying off the heads and the original problem comes back. I have also found out that some tapes may actually cause this to happen. If you really want to play a tape that does this, you will have to remove one of the pinch rollers. (If you are playing a tape, it doesn't matter which one you remove.) Also the adjustment mentioned with the nut at the top of the machine will have to be made to pull the pinch rollers harder against the capstan (tightened), otherwise the tape will slip. Actually replacing the pinch rollers may fix this problem, but I haven't tried this.




it worked for me too by golly!!! thanks!!

TEAC X-10 belt drive(s)

Question: Does the Teac X-10 have one belt or two? The reels do not move and there could be a good chance the belt(s) need to be replaced.

X-10 has one capstan belt and

X-10 has one capstan belt and one counter belt . The reels are direct motor driven (no belts) check the microswitches on the tension arms are operating and the capstans are spinning.

teac X-10r

need to know if the three motors have start/run capacitors, if so, where are they located on the pcb`s

Teac X-10r

The motors are DC motors, no caps.

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