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1/4 Track Stereo Tape Deck (1984-86)

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Track system: auto reverse, 4-track, 2-channel, stereo system

Heads: 2 x playback, 2 x record, 2 x erase

Motor: dc brush motor (capstan), 2 x dc slotless (reel)

Reel size: up to 7 inch reel

Tape speeds: 3 34  7 12 ips

Wow and flutter: 0.03% (7 12 ips)

Frequency response: 30Hz to 34kHz (7 12 ips)

Signal to Noise Ratio: 100dB

Total harmonic distortion: 0.8%

Crosstalk: 40dB

Input: 60mV (line), 0.25mV (mic)

Output: 0.45V (line)

Dimensions: 432 x 364 x 362mm

Weight: 18kg

Year: 1983


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re: X-700R

When changing the capstan belt if the old one has turned into gooo. You might need to pull both flywheels in order to clean off the old belt. You might also have to pull the capstan motor for the same reason. Also make sure you get the correct belt. If the width is off all sorts of bad things can happen when you test it.

The belt is suppose to jump back and forth landing on the ridge of each flywheel. That will insure that one capstan drive will be slightly faster than the other which will keep the tape pressed against the record and play heads. If you don't have the correct belt you will all sorts of noise and the tape will loop away from the heads when you hit play.

Overall this belt change is way easier than most. Just take your time and watch out for old pieces of the gooey old belt. it can make a real mess. Get it on the bottom of your shoes and your significant other will not be happy with all the new black marks on the floor.

re: X-700R

I have an x700r that is in excellent condition but due to age the capstan belt broke while it was in storage for the last 15+ years. I just ordered new belt but unsure how to approach replacement. Any help appreciated.

re: X-700R

One of the easiest to do.
U will need a long med phillip screw driver ( magnetic tip preffered )
Un plug the unit
Remove the plastic cover, by removing feet , than side screws
the big board u see is control board , mounted to two motors with one phillip screw on each side . Approx inch and a half from top on each side
Try to lift and flip the whole assy . U feel resistance . remove the plastic tie holding wires above transformer .
U will notice the motor back plate mounted. remove the screws fom each corner , than in middle .
Gently pull the mounting plate
u will see two fly wheels, remove old belt residue from both of them , U can use rubbing alcohol or similar mild solution, Harsh chemical will damage the board , if u spill it , so be carefull.
Loop the belt around the two wheels , making a rough rectangular.
Clean the motor pulley .
u will need to tilt the bottom part of the plate towards u, slide it in the middle below the belt, so the motor pulley is under the belt.
install two screws diagonally and try to turn the flywheel by hand . U should feel some resistance and other flywheel should turn in the same direction .
if it does. try other direction. Good
install all mounting screws .Put the control panal board back . u can test the unit before putting cover back .
If works . put the twist tie around the wires . Install the cover , ur ready to enjoy a fine piece of machine

re: X-700R

al is correct, one of the easiest. process applies to the entire x series. thanks al. thanks Teac

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