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EAH-01, EAH-X10, EAH-X15, EAH-X250, EAH-X8, EAH-Z70, EPC-P205C mk3, EPC-P205C mk4, EPC-P550, HS-620, HS-670, HS-680, HS-805, HS-810, HS-X880, RP-VK10, RP-VK15, RP-VK3, RP-VK5, RS-B205, RS-B305, RS-B405, RS-B505, RS-B605, RS-B705, RS-B905, RS-T11, RS-T22, RS-T33R, RS-T55R, RS-T80R, RS-X844, RS-X866, RS-X888, SA-180L, SA-R210L, SB-C250, SB-C350, SB-C450, SB-CD50, SB-F1 mk2, SB-F2 mk2, SB-F820, SB-F860, SB-F880, SB-RX50, SB-S30, SE-A50, SH-8028, SH-8045, SH-8046, SH-8055, SH-8066, SH-8075, SH-E50, SH-E70, SL-1210 mkII, SL-BD20, SL-BD22, SL-DD33, SL-J100R, SL-J300R, SL-L1, SL-L3, SL-P1000, SL-P1200, SL-P200, SL-P250, SL-P350, SL-P550, SL-P770, SL-P990, SL-PJ20, SL-PJ22, SL-PJ22, SL-PJ44, SL-PJ44, SL-QD33, SL-S20, SL-XP5, ST-600L, ST-G45AL, ST-G55AL, ST-G7, ST-X830L, ST-X880L, SU-600, SU-800, SU-A60, SU-CD50, SU-V45A, SU-V55A, SU-V65A, SU-V85A, SU-V90D, SU-X820, SU-X830, SU-X840, SU-X860, SU-X880, X820, X830, X840, X860, X880, Z960

Year: 1988



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Reviewed Mar 12th, 2019 by William_Batey

A very well built and long lasting cassette deck. I have a collection of 5 of these and all have provided a lot of trouble free listening.
I only use TDK SA (TypeII) or TDK MA / MA-XG (Type IV) in my library and ensure the drive assembly is kept clean and demagnetized. With care these decks will last forever but beware of Type I tapes as they leave a lot of residue on the transport especially if they have not been stored correctly and are not new.

Reviewed Jul 11th, 2016 by discomen

lo maximo en informacion



re: For Music Lovers

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