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Technics SA-828

AM/FM Stereo Receiver (1981)

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Technics SA-828


Tuning range: FM, MW

Power output: 100 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo)

Total harmonic distortion: 0.005%

Dimensions: 20-7/8 x 6-11/32 x 15-9/32 inches

Year: 1981


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re: SA-828

I just picked up one of these from the original owner. When you first turn it on only one Chanel of audio is played. If I mess with some of the buttons for the sound dimension I can get both channels working sometimes, but then I will get cut outs on one or both channels. I noticed a couple caps that look to have green stuff on the leads between the board and the caps. My only concern is that it seems hard to get to these. I looked at the service manual but it doesn’t give instructions to get to this board (where the sound dimension circuitry is). Can anyone give me any tips?

re: SA-828

Probably need contact cleaner on all switches due to oxidation of the contact surfaces....these switches are approaching 40 years old. There's a Schematic and Manual on this website for the SA-828. If you are not sure about the procedure, get help from a Certified Electronics repair man. Also, clean the Audio Jacks on back of Receiver. Hope this helps.

re: SA-828

I ended up replacing 3 capacitors on the sound dimension board and sprayed all the buttons with contact cleaner. That did a pretty good job. It works most of the time, but occasionally one of the channels will drop out or be scratchy. Sometimes if I have the sound dimension switch on it will work on 1 input but if I switch to a different input (like aux versus tuner) it will stop working. My guess is that there are likely other dodgy caps lurking on the boards. I should probably replace them all, but getting to some of them is really hard. I wasn’t even able to remove the dimension board but luckily the three caps I saw that needed replacing (they had visible greenish stuff on the leads) were in a spot easy to get to without removing the board.

re: SA-828

I have two Technics SA-828 Receivers. I love the clean sound and the Reverberation/Dimensional option. However, I have had other technics receivers with the option of Main Speakers or Remote Speakers... or both operating simultaneously. But both my 828s have two buttons for the speakers: one is a redundant on/off switch (stupid) for the speakers... and the second button switches between either main or remote, meaning I can't play both sets of speakers together simultaneously!? What gives? Did the Technics techs have a brain fart? With the Stereo wattage rating at 630 watts total, it should easily handle 4 channels at 100 watts per channel... Then I'm astonished to find an 828 for sale on eBay with the 2 buttons/switches with the correct protocol, with one for the Main and the second for the Remote Speakers! So evidently this Receiver has the ability to operate 4 channels at once or both sets of stereo speakers... Can anyone elaborate on this discrepancy on this particular Technics receiver (SA-828) and why the two different protocols, concerning the Speaker switches, were implemented on the very same model??! I think somebody goofed. And I would like to get it corrected if possible....Thanks for your assist.

re: SA-828

Also only 200 watt output so 100/ watts a channel.

re: SA-828

No sa 828 can operate on 4 channels. They are either on main or remote.

re: SA-828

First, the 630W is the maximum power it can consume from the wall, not output power. Different models of these may be made for a world market, USA/Canada, etc. They have different safety standards or it's also possible they realized there was a high failure rate and took the ability to turn on multiple speakers at once, away. Looking at the service info shows that it actually is roughly a 100 Watt/channel amp if it's driving 4 or 8 ohms. It has detection circuits to sense the load and lowers the supply voltage for the 4 ohm load (M or MC models). The K or no suffix model is the one that cannot drive 4 ohms as it would appear.
The particular transistors used in this model are being pushed quite hard asking them to produce 100W in the first place. (Transistors won't limit the power capability, they usually just fail in spectacular fashion when their ratings are exceeded.) As far as being able to turn speakers off, that's in case you just want to use headphones...

I hope this helps clear things up!

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