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Technics SL-PG440A

Compact Disc Player (1993-94)

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Technics SL-PG440A


Disc format: CD

Digital converter: MN6474, 1 bit MASH

CD Mechanism: CDM-4/19

Frequency response: 2Hz to 20kHz

Dynamic range: 98dB

Signal to Noise Ratio: 100dB

Total harmonic distortion: 0.0035%

Line output: 2V

Dimensions: 430 x 92 x 290mm

Weight: 3.6kg

Accessories: remote control

Year: 1994

Price: GBP £170 (1994)


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Reviewed Apr 25th, 2019 by Dave K

Got this machine from my dad's old hifi setup in very good shape, very little play time and abuse. Have to say i am impressed by the sound quality, particularly bass. Tried the headphone output with my headphones (sennheiser hd58x) and that is too powerful and good sounding. Remote w/ volume controls are very handy. Can definitely compete with modern players in my opinion.

Reviewed Mar 16th, 2016 by Pinky69

Excellent quality CD player, all the features you need and with MASH 4DAC also !! These MASH CD players are kick ass and many still around today. A total bargain now a testament to Technics early 90's technology, sound and build quality.

Reviewed Dec 25th, 2015 by fils2lumiere

Acheté 15€ dans un trocabrac, sans câble, mais avec télécommande.
Comme de coutume, tests d'écoute avec mon Sony MDR XB500 branché directement à  la prise casque .
Les albums : The Alan Parsons Project I Robot ; King Crimson Thrak ; David Lynch Lost Highway ( b.o )
Première remarque : il faut que je tourne davantage la molette du volume de la prise casque pour avoir la méme puissance ressentie qu'avec mes autres lecteurs. Pourtant, le son réglable avec la telecommande est à  la valeur maximale 0 . On peut le baisser jusqu'à  -12, sans toutefois couper le son véritablement.
Le son, justement, n'est pas mauvais en soi, mais n'excelle nulle part malheureusement.
Les basses ont tendance à  baver alors qu'elles n'abondent pas. Je trouve les voix un peu lointaines. Bonne restitution par contre des aigus. Déception pour l'image stéréo séparation des canaux et la dynamique, tout juste moyennes.
Globalement donc le son est quelque peu étouffé dans tous les sens du terme.
Que des bons points concernant son utilisation .
Les touches en façade sont logiquement disposées donc facilement repérables de nuit avec l'habitude. Et toutes les fonctions de lecture comme d' édition ou programmation sont accessibles par un bouton dedie en facade comme sur la télécommande, qui est lourde et volumineuse. Cette telecommande n'est du coup pas forcément utile , à  part pour les flemards :-)
Afficheur large et bien lisible, méme de jour, et de loin .
Les CDR et CDR audio sont lus sans pb. Pas las cdrw bien sà»r.
Au final 7/10 parce que le son est moyen certes, mais lecteur très riche en fonctions et fiable.

Reviewed Apr 04th, 2013 by oldestpunkinargentina

The almost perfect bang-for-the-buck back deck in '93. I bought it new and has been my cd player ever since. Never needed repair or calibration ever. Yes there were more desirable players like the stable-platter Pioneer, but the cost rose exponentially, and to say the truth, all the advances in DACs and sampling rates were but experiments back then so all players sounded the same, differing only in features.

This puppy had a lot of features; you could program tracks to play in any given order or combination of selections, automatically pause at the beginning of each track, display song/album duration -partial or total- in four different manners and control the volume of the outcoming signal in 2 db increments (other brands had 1 db increments, which doubled as total volume control for the whole system)

With most of my almost-all vintage stereo components, I never felt the need to upgrade. I play lots of vinyl and concert dvds these days, reducing cd playing to an average of twice a month, which may explain this device's extraordinary lifespan.

THE one thing I could not stand is it didn't have any anti-vibration built-in system, so it would skip when played loud (later solved by 4 gel feet)

Every record store in town had one of these playin g from dusk to dawn, and ownwers changed it every 2 years !! It had a lot of functions that would sync it to a Technics cassette deck for recording, which seemed very hi-tech at the time. The day I listened to my first cd I disconnected my 2 cassette decks and sold them together with all the tapes.

Not worth buying it used since most units should be malfunctioning or about to die by now unless it has had very little use like mine, and I ain't sellin' !! Nowadays you can't buy any decent dedicated cd player for less than U$ 350 in the states. This thing retailed for like half that figure back then. People are just playing their cds on their dvd players these days. I'd really rather have a standalone unit since I don't use flac, mp3 or anything like that. ALMOST PERFECT and I still love and pamper it.



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