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Technics SU-8080

Stereo Integrated Amplifier (1976-79)

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Technics SU-8080


The Technics SU-8080 features 2 phono, tuner, aux and tape inputs.

The phono inputs have selectable input resistance and capacitance for cartridge matching and switchable high frequency and subsonic filters.

The unit is also fitted with stereo balance and tone controls.


Power output: 72 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo)

Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz

Total harmonic distortion: 0.02%

Damping factor: 70

Input sensitivity: 2.5mV (MM), 200mV (line)

Signal to noise ratio: 88dB (MM), 100dB (line)

Output: 200mV (line), 1V (Pre out)

Speaker load impedance: 4Ω to 16Ω

Dimensions: 450 x 140 x 371mm

Weight: 13.5kg


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Reviewed Feb 21st, 2016 by RECAP

This one is from the period Technics made a jump into making studio equipment and took their hifi business very serious. All this is related back to the SU-8080 and it's dual mono layout.

This is one of my favorite amplifiers, it is incredible neutral, without any doubt the most neutral amplifier in my collection and has an open and big soundstage. If it has a flaw, it would be that it will let you know exactly how good or bad every recording is and most are, well, not that good.. For those who are searching for the warm 70's sound, better look somewhere else.

Because Technics is not highly regarded, this one can be found at very reasonable prices on the second hand market.

Highly recommended.



TBL's picture

re: SU-8080

I hate to bring it up here to reveal yet another sleeper.

This is one.

I hunted along and got one today from a thrift store, US$ 40 approx., in fair condition but no major cosmetic havoc.

I took it home and gave it a good wash on its cover, and a good spray with a decent contact cleaner. Immediately it responded very well, and started to work with all its functions and am switches. Hmm m..... Incredible I thought.

So after some auction with my JBL 4320 Studio monitors, I agree with what most commentators here say abt it. It is revealing and bass is good coz it's damping factor is not low. It also works surprisingly well as a preamp. The only compliant, if I may, is it didn't come with an mc stage, tho the mm stage works just very very neutrally with most of my mm cartridges e.g. Pioneer PNMC4, Pearl Black, Stanton 681ee, and a lowline Grado.

Get one cheap while you still can and enjoy its sound and stability. BTW my Sansui AU 4600 compares not too well with this one. And even my Nikko Beta 20 + Alpha 220 don't get close to the su8080.i think it's actually that good. But agn, coz I'm using a JBL studio monitor, the su8080 might work differently with modern speakers. Anyway, what will your loss be in such a case?

re: SU-8080

Hi, I have the SU 8080, it's developed a fault, no matter what input I set or any variety of tape monitor etc the Amp sounds like static with some louder clicks - at this point it trips out when the volume dial is increased even slightly , it will come back on again and sound just the same.

Any help or theories gladly received.

re: SU-8080

Got this AMP Today..Volume Control Have Some Issues...But Working Fine with a preamp...

re: SU-8080

Powerful Sound with High Bass..Dont Know how the AMP Survived till date.

re: SU-8080

I just recently got this amp for a present (it was used) and i hooked it up to a record player and speakers and everything's fine, except the volume will not change?? It plays music very loudly and I cannot turn it up or down by using the volume control on the amp! Does anyone have an explanation that might explain it without replacing parts etc. Also it only plays when I change the input switch to tone.

re: SU-8080

As written by the_yelbaev_tribune usually the problem "NO SOUND" is because of the two frontal switches S10 "INPUT" with 24 contacts and S11 "OPERATION" with 12 contacts. The problem is the dust inside. Unfortunately the contacts are facing upwards and each multiswitch is closed by a little bakelite cover (not sealed) and so collect dust. You must remove each cover and spray a contact cleaner liquid inside, while moving switch on/off. (Obvously without the AC).

re: SU-8080

I'm having the No Sound issue Paolo highlighted. I'm new to cleaning vintage amps - do I just need to take the bottom cover off and spray the contacts with deoxit while moving the on/off switch? Thanks for the help!

re: SU-8080

Wild guess is your source is routed directly to power amp bypassing the preamp stage where the volume knob is. Or more likely, Volume knob has become shorted to let signal thru - which actually explains the rejection of Direct route. Perhaps good cleaning of all pots takes care of that.

re: SU-8080

Does the bass, high tone controls works?

re: SU-8080

muy buen amplificador !! excelente calidad de sonido y empuje ... de los mejores vintage que escuche ...

re: SU-8080

Thanks for service and user manual . I Try to repair my very old SU-8080 ; sometimes speekers go off by speeker protection , but connections and speekers it's ok.

re: SU-8080

Usually the problem is the little (partially burned) resistor R414 (10k 1/4 watt), near the relè and the transistor TR404. At less volume works, at higher doesn't.
Try to replace, changing please the wattage to 1/2 watt. It's better.

re: SU-8080

..thanks for the service manual..i had to change some caps and rectifiers to stop popping sounds after many years of service..thay dont make them like this anymore..i wish i had somthing to upload to help others many thanks gazza..

aintenance to my amplifie

I wanted to do maintenance to my amplifier, as found here, thank you very much.


My machine acts strange, thanx for the manuals!
Hugo Belgium

Manuali Technics

I would like to thank you for the very efficient service. Cheers from Lucca (Tuscany - Italy). Vincenzo

Tanks to the service manual,

Tanks to the service manual, its a big site

ryuuoh's picture

Refurbishing the SU-8080

I have successfully repaired my 8080, thanks to the service manual provided here. Great site!

Refurbishing the SU-8080

It's a great amp, from what I've been told it's based on the old Mac's. I was lucky and found mine in the garbage and had it repaired! I luv the sound it produces with the Boston and JBL speakers.

Refurbisshing Su-8080

Hi ,
I have good ,running SU-8080 but its sound seems alitle DULL to me.

I wonder ,from your own experience what you have done to improuve

it (ie BIG CAPS ,small caps...)

Helps is very appreiated ,ho

re: Refurbisshing Su-8080


had the same problems with dull sound. I changed the electrolytic caps in the feedback section of the power amplifier and resoldered several bad joints - problems solved, very nice amp! The alternative SU-8088 lost the battle und went back to sleep in a box in the basement...

Viva la SU-8080

Glad you were able to resurrect your SU-8080. I thought someone might appreciate the service manual! My SU-8080 has been pretty reliable except for dirty switches - I had to take the source switch physically apart to clean the contacts (a good artist's eraser and some contact cleaner works well) as I was getting intermittant drop out in the "AUX" and "TUNER" positions. I guess someday I'll have to re-cap mine, but hopefully it will live forever! These amps are real gems.

LuSiD's picture


Thanks for the service manual. I get lots of strange crackling sounds from the amp and I was looking for this to take it apart and clean everything.
I will post back the results. Until then... Take care everyone and stay tuned!

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