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Technics Tape Deck Line-Up


R-1500U, RP-099, RP-3001B, RP-3003A, RP-3010, RP-3011, RP-3020, RP-3030, RP-3031, RP-3033, RP-3035, RP-3040, RP-3044, RP-3050, RP-3090, RP-3091, RP-3115E, RP-3120E, RP-3190E, RP-3210E, RP-3250E, RP-3505E, RP-3545E, RP-3555E, RP-3570A, RP-3670, RP-3835E, RP-3840, RP-3855E, RP-3870, RP-3900E, RP-9022, RP-9024, RP-9100, RP-9110, RP-9111, RP-9120, RP-9130, RP-9160, RP-9170, RP-921, RP-951, RP-959, RP-9690, RP-984, RP-V220, RP-V370, RP-V460, RP-V480, RP-V870, RS-1700U, RS-1800, RS-777, RS-822U, RS-825U, RS-M02, RS-M05, RS-M07, RS-M1, RS-M13 mk2, RS-M2, RS-M202, RS-M211, RS-M212, RS-M220, RS-M230, RS-M240X, RS-M250, RS-M255X, RS-M260, RS-M270X, RS-M273, RS-M280, RS-M46, RS-M51, RS-M95

Year: 1981



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