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CR 21 Sub, CR LCR2, CR Surround 2, InCeiling Bronze 10 Sub, InCeiling Bronze 8 LCR, InCeiling Bronze 8 Satellite, InCeiling Bronze OpenRound, InCeiling Bronze SealedRound, InCeiling Gold 8 MiniMonitor, InCeiling Gold 8 Omni SE, InCeiling Mini 8 LCR, InCeiling Mini 8 Sub, InCeiling Mini OpenRound, InCeiling Mini SealedRound, InCeiling R25, InCeiling R26, InCeiling R28, InCeiling Silver 6 MiniMonitor, InCeiling Silver 6 Monitor, InCeiling Silver 6 Satellite, InCeiling Silver 8 Omni SE, InCeiling Silver DT OpenRound, InCeiling Silver DT SealedRound, InCeiling Silver OpenRound, InCeiling Silver SealedRound, InCorner Bronze Satellite, InRoom Bronze Center, InRoom Bronze LCR, InRoom Bronze LR-H, InRoom Bronze Satellite, InRoom Bronze SlimSub, InRoom Bronze Sub, InRoom Gold Center, InRoom Gold LCR, InRoom Gold MiniMonitor, InRoom Gold Monitor, InRoom Gold Sub, InRoom Mini LCR, InRoom Mini Satellite, InRoom Mini Sub, InRoom OmniSub 10, InRoom OmniSub 12, InRoom OmniSub 8, InRoom Platinum Center, InRoom Platinum LCR, InRoom Platinum Sub, InRoom Silver Center, InRoom Silver LCR, InRoom Silver LR-H, InRoom Silver MiniMonitor, InRoom Silver Monitor, InRoom Silver Sub, InWall Bronze 10 Sub, InWall Bronze 4 LCR, InWall Bronze 4 Satellite, InWall Bronze 4 SlimSub, InWall Bronze 4 Surround, InWall Bronze 6 Sub, InWall Gold 4 Omni SE, InWall Gold 4 Surround, InWall Gold 6 LCR, InWall Gold 6 MiniMonitor, InWall Gold 6 Monitor, InWall Mini 4 LCR, InWall Mini 4 Satellite, InWall Silver 15 Sub, InWall Silver 4 LCR, InWall Silver 4 MiniMonitor, InWall Silver 4 Monitor, InWall Silver 4 Omni SE, InWall Silver 4 Satellite, InWall Silver 4 Surround, InWall Silver 6 LCR, InWall Silver 6 Monitor, InWall Silver Satellite, Mini FlexSub, OnWall Baffle Wall, OnWall Bronze LCR, OnWall Bronze SlimSub, OnWall Bronze Surround, OnWall Gold Surround, OnWall Micro LCR 1.0, OnWall Micro LCR 3.0, OnWall Micro Sat 1.0, OnWall Micro Sat 3.0, OnWall Mini 2.0 SE, OnWall Mini LCR 1.0, OnWall Mini LCR 2.0, OnWall Mini LCR 3.0, OnWall Mini LCR 3.0 SE, OnWall Mini Sat 3.0, OnWall Nano LCR 3.0, OnWall Platinum LCR, OnWall Silver Sub, OnWall Silver Surround, RackAmp 350 DSP Amp, RackAmp 600 DSP Amp, Silver FlexSub

Year: 2015



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I went to buy some used Celestion LCR bookshelf speakers from someone off the Internet. He had those set up and a pair of Triad Bronze LR which also were for sale. The Celestion's sounded good and were priced great. The Triad Bronze also sounded pretty good, maybe a tad better, but for more money. The seller and I kinda bonded in our music preference over a beer and talked speaker. We played music loud. Then his new wife came home and we had to turn it down. I remarked how nice the Triad speakers sounded. He agreed, which is why he installed others in the wall and ceiling and selling the InRooms. Confused which speakers to get now, he wants to demonstrate some other speakers that he's keeping...the InRoom Silver. So I helped move and hook them up. Holly turds! By looking at these bookshelf speakers I never would have thought they weighed that much. Night and day difference in sound of the Bronze vs. Silver. The Silver blew the Bronze away. Incredible clear voices, giant highs, slap in the face mids, and decent bass. He explained these are supposed to be used with a subwoofer.
I never heard of Triad before that evening. I wanted new speakers because I was in the process of shedding my college system and going for a higher fidelity system and adding a bedroom rig, hence the Celestion's LCR set. After talking for awhile he said he want planning on selling the Silvers, but in a whim after my enthusiasm towards the Bronze and his new set up he said he'd sell them for x amount. It was a lot. We agreed on a price. I literally scraped the last bits of change from car to get them. They sounded that good.
Since then, slowly over the next few years I've pieced together a nice Triad InRoom 7.2 surround sound system which replaced my Infinity Entra Three 5.1 surround system (which I thought/ think sounded quite nice, but comparatively Triad wins).
Overall I am very happy with Triad speakers. Plus Triad customer service is exceptional. (Unlike Harmon or BIC America!)
Extraordinary speakers.

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