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Vector Research VR-5000

AM/FM Stereo Receiver (1979)

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Vector Research VR-5000


Tuning range: FM, MW

Power output: 45 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo)

Frequency response: 10Hz to 50kHz

Total harmonic distortion: 0.08%

Damping factor: 50

Input sensitivity: 2.5mV (MM), 150mV (line)

Signal to noise ratio: 82dB (MM), 93dB (line)

Output: 130mV (line)

Speaker load impedance: 4Ω to 16Ω

Dimensions: 440 x 376 x 142mm

Weight: 11kg

Year: 1979



bscottskillman's picture

re: VR-5000

I have a VR 2500 that I am trying to restore. I am the original owner, but I loaned it to a family member for 20 years or so. It powers up nicely but No sound from the speakers. Yes, I checked to make sure the speakers were activated by switch. None of the four connections produce sound. I got the VR 5000 service manual and the boards are identical. So, I am looking for 2500 manual if it can be found, and welcome any suggestions. I have inspected the top side of the boards. Caps all look good, Fuses are good, We have a lot of dust which i cleaned out. There are no obvious burned caps or transistors. I have not taken the bottom panel off yet.

re: VR-5000 | testing

Turn on unit, listen closely for protection relay "click" sound. It if is not heard, then relay may be stuck, protection IC (Hitachi HA12002) could be faulty or its timing capacitor (220 uF) could be weak. Note: When tech replaces this electrolytic, same uF value must be used, otherwise timing will be affected. (Read HA12002 data sheet, section "Relay-on Time Lag - Pin 8" for more details). It is also possible either or both channels have output problem, causing DC fault condition, properly triggering protection circuit and preventing relay from engaging. If relay does click, plug line level audio (CD, DVD, MP3, tuner, etc.) into Aux input. Select the source, then cycle the Tape Monitor switch repeatedly. Many folks weren't using Tape Monitor inputs, so that switch seldom moved, which can lead to intermittent operating or complete failure. Exercising all controls is a good start, using Deoxit to clean them is advised. It appears 5000 has two Tape Monitors, 2500 just one. Otherwise less watts is other notable difference between models. For convenience and less noise during testing, using headphones instead of loudspeakers is wise choice.

re: VR-5000

I LOVE this vintage premium brand. I bought a vr-9000 off of kijiji for $150. And it powers my StudioLabs very well. I can't crank it past '2' or the the whole apartment starts to shake. I had it at 7 and I could literally hear it outside more than 50yds away and it was nice and clear. Mind you my upstairs neighbour came out onto her balcony and started shaking her fist at me

re: VR-5000

What a fantastic receiver .... hands down the under-dog brand of the last 30+ years.
The sound quality of this machine is simply outstanding .... WOW.
It certainly has more power than the quoted 45wpc.
This is definitely a keeper.
I would love to get my hands on the VR-7000.
The construction is extremely robust and it even has the schematic printed on the top.
This is as solid as they come.
I also own a VRX 9100 and I sold a VR-3000 which I should have kept .... silly me.
The matching cassette decks look fantastic but are very hard to find, especially the flagship model.
I collect Akai gear and I have lots of it but this receiver .... is incredible.
I have found the VR series is better than the VRX series not just in sound quality but build quality too.
I also own the matching EQ.
This brand in the dark grey color is actually very eye catching with the white writing on the faceplate.
If you are having thoughts of trying this model out I say go for it as you'll be pleasantly surprised.
I would buy another VR series receiver should one come across my path.

re: VR-5000

I have to agree. I have an AKAI AM-2600 and AT-2600 (Black face), but I think I like the VR-5000 more. Having the mid range is nice as is 4 ohm capability for either speaker set. I was offered 400 for the AKAI so, I may take that and just keep this receiver as a main player. I also have a Telefunken TR 400 but it really is not rated for 4 ohms, so, my bose dont light that one up ever. The 5000 - A sleeper for sure.

re: VR-5000

Does anyone know why the speakers aren't muted when headphones are plugged in (using AUX)?

re: VR-5000

that is a modern feature. In older units like this you simply turn the speakers off.

re: VR-5000

Have you turned the speaker selector switch to the 'Off' position?

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