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Wharfedale Denton 2

2 Way Bookshelf Loudspeaker System

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Wharfedale Denton 2


The stylish Wharfedale Denton 2 represents the best value in compact high fidelity speaker systems. The 8" bass unit and 2" tweeter are combined by an electrical crossover to produce a performance which is characteristic of much larger cabinets.

The Denton 2 is as pleasing to look at as it is to listen to. It looks solid because it's mouldings are solid woods. And the veneers on the sides and top have been specially selected by our own expert buyer.


Type: 2 way, 2 driver loudspeaker system

Frequency Response: 60Hz to 16kHz

Power Handling: 18W

Crossover Frequency: 1400Hz

Impedance: 6Ω

Bass: 1 x 200mm cone

Midrange: 1 x 50mm cone

Enclosure: 14 litre

Dimensions: 345 x 248 x 204mm

Weight: 14.5kg



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Reviewed Sep 03rd, 2017 by guest

I bought these audio speakers. There are in very good condition. It sounds very clear like monitors - For a good audition, you have to put the Eq in flat mode - It true, the low frequencies are missing - because, start from 60 Hz. If you use the EQ and boost the low frequencies - try to put down on 100 Hz. One above the other, these speakers bring back the sound from 70/s - they are for good music - acoustic - jazz funk disco - not for commercial crap music from these days.

Reviewed Mar 06th, 2015 by desertdog

Not to my taste, bland and no detail.

Reviewed Dec 06th, 2014 by 802fs

An excellent speaker with suprising bass extention, warm midrange & smooth ' but extended highs.
The Dentons are very efficient & can be driven by small amplifiers. People, who hear them at my retro system, are shocked at how good they sound, some of them , dedicated audiophiles.
Anyone looking for efficient compact speakers to partner with a low powered solid state or vavle amp, could do a lot worse than these under -appreciated performers
Rest of system - Modified Pioneer PL 514 turntable Ortofon VMS20E cartridge.
Pioneer SX 434 receiver
Teac A450 cassette deck

Reviewed Jan 31st, 2014 by tim70_99

Bought by the cartload in the 70's by down at heel HiFi wannabies as a cheap introduction to HiFi. Often matched with a cheap Garrard SP25 and Amstrad Amplifier then thrashed within an inch of their miserable lives in bedrooms and at parties all over the known universe.

How do they sound? Not all that good to be honest as they produce a muddy skwark lacking in detail no deep bass to speak of and ragged treble. This would not have been helped by cheap amplifiers, maladjusted SP25's and mistracking G800's.

I have a pair of the later XP2's which look quite nice and they are just about tolerable with a some bass and treble lift but soon become tiring because of their limitations. I suppose for a fiver I can't really complain and they are certainly better than nothing. I also think they actually sound better than the pair of Linton 2's I also picked up for next to nothing.

For someone wanting a taste of basic 1970's lofi combine with an Amstrad 8000 (only if you really wish to suffer) IC 2000 or 4000 and a basic idler drive turntable, chuck a record on and log on to your favorite on line auction site to find something better.....



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