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Wollensak 8075

8-Track Cartridge Recorder (1974)

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Wollensak 8075


Adding an 8-track unit to your stereo system is something you may not even be considering, because you believe 8-track sound can't begin to compare with reel-to-reel or the finest cassette quality.

But now, the new Wollensak 8075 Dolby 8-track recorder deck is out to change your way of thinking.

Example: compare a one minute test of frequency response on a B & K Analyzer.

The new Scotch brand special classic series tape in the 8075 brings you higher frequency response in the 16,000 Hz range. A frequency response never before reached in 8-track sound that equals the finest cassette quality and approaches reel-to-reel quality.

Here's how: the Wollensak 8075 features an exclusive tape selector switch which optimizes the record equalization to take full advantage of Scotch special classic series tape.

Together with Dolby, you get increased frequency response and greater dynamic range.

By setting the tape selector switch in the regular position, you can also use standard 8-track tape and still get superior frequency response.

This new Wollensak 8075 is the first 8-track recorder to bring you the Dolby Noise Reduction System. And it even decodes FM Dolby radio broadcasts for noise-free listening.

Other features? A digital time counter keeps track of the recording and playback time.

It's automatic eject system protects recorded tapes from accidental erasure and recording.

Handsome styling, separate horizontal level controls, large dual illuminated VU meters, fast forward control, end-of-tape sensing, record cue, single play or repeat capabilities plus other features make this the finest 8-track you can add to your system.



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