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Yamaha CA-810

Stereo Integrated Amplifier (1977-80)

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Yamaha CA-810


When you have musicians and audio engineers speaking the same language the result is full natural sound fidelity, plus innovative features which translate directly into improved tonality or operating convenience.

Yamaha's insistence on total music performance, not just isolated specs, is behind a revolutionary new approach to audio component design; one that gives the CA-810 integrated amplifier (as well as all other models in the line) music fidelity audibly superior to many separate preamp and power amplifier combinations.

Instead of putting our development muscle into the power amp section alone, Yamaha engineers paid the same attention to every section, including the phono equalizer and preamp stages.

By designing each section to the same high standards we made sure there are no weak links in the CA-810; at the same time we matched each section from its very first design stages to the others, so they all work together for superb music fidelity.

That's why we dare to publish overall performance specifications, from Phono In to Speaker Out.


Power output: 65 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo)

Frequency response: 10Hz to 100kHz

Total harmonic distortion: 0.05%

Damping factor: 30

Input sensitivity: 0.6mV (MC), 2.5mV (MM), 150mV (line)

Signal to noise ratio: 73dB (MC), 83dB (MM), 100dB (line)

Channel separation: 55dB (line)

Output: 150mV (line), 1V (Pre out)

Dimensions: 435 x 337 x 160mm

Weight: 12kg


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Reviewed Feb 26th, 2019 by tharsh

Bought in '76. Been moved and banged around since then, stored in garages. Got it out last weekend opened it up, did a visual, powered it up and now it is driving my Maggies. Love this amp.

Reviewed Mar 20th, 2016 by sa9100

Bought a used CA-810 a year ago from a goodwill shop. Not much revision needed to be done, just a good cleaning, and this amp sounds great. I had a Marantz 1060 and a few Pioneer units (SA and SX series) and I can say the clear sound and the amount of detail delivered by the Yamaha puts them to shame. People say this amp can be bass shy and I understand it, but paired with the correct speakers (efficient, big bass driver), the Yamaha shines even more. At 65wpc RMS, power isn't an issue with most speakers, anyway. In terms of functionnality, the phono stage here is very polyvalent and is hard to beat in terms of sound, (I actually still have to try a MC cartridge on it, one day I will!). Visually, this amplifier is pure eye candy, if you're able to get the matching tuner, it's even prettier.

To make it short, this amp made me a Yamaha afficionado. If you come across one, get it! The only thing that would make part with it would be a bigger Yamaha ;P

Reviewed Mar 17th, 2015 by guest

Mejor sonido que el Yamaha CA-710, mejor calidad de construccion, exelente aspecto, no es tan elegante como el 710, mejores funciones, muy buen sonido, nitido, definido, excelente seccion Phono, potencia de sobra, los filtros subsonico y alto son de segundo orden, muy bueno.

Reviewed Jan 01st, 2015 by hlferg

Great amplifier. Best part is the preamp section. I've used it on a Dynaco ST-70 versus my McIntosh C26 preamp and the Yamaha sounds a bit better. The McIntosh sits in the closet now.
Nice that you can use multiple impedence settings for the phono. Very reliable also.
Loudness setting is a pot and adjustable, not just an on/off switch.
Has larger than average VU meters.
I've owned/own quite a few pieces of vintage and newer gear and this is easily in my top 5 for the preamp, I would've rated it a 10/10 but the main amplifier could use a little more low end grunt (not a deal breaker), very few 10/10s out there.
Like I said, great equipment.
If you find a good one, for a reasonable price, buy it, in my opinion you won't be sorry you did.

Reviewed Aug 05th, 2014 by clear-channel

This was the first real piece of stereo gear I purchased as a teen with my own money I saved up for in 1979, along with the CT-810 tuner. These got me hooked on stereo equipment. I remember going to the Hi-Fi store and looking at the Yamaha's, Tandberg's & Mac's (out of my price range). Wheeled & deal to get a discount on them with salesmen that are still around! I still have both units. No regrets. Quality & Classic looks throughout. The look is timeless. A little shy on bass, but the Natural Sound is still a pleasure to listen to.

Reviewed May 09th, 2014 by yamahags

Wow! I have been a Yamaha NS Audio fan since about 1978 when I bought my first CA610II amp.
And yes! I still listen to her weekly,at least!My brother next door,and I each have CA810 Yamaha integrated amp,and they have been thoroughly enjoyed!Very powerful,clean,and flexible.I personally love the brushed aluminum big knob styling.Deoxit,and new bulbs are all either of ours have needed in several years now!We both also have bigger Yamaha amps,but these 810 sound just as fine to me!I have a M50 he has a M45 that was mine, and an M2 all of which are powerful and clean.I have a CT810 matching tuner with mine,Genesis G1 and Genesis II speakers YPD6 and YPD8 T Tables with Stantons!Hope this helps!



Scottynconnie's picture

re: CA-810

Great amp, sonically better than Marantz, Pioneer, Sansui, ect.

re: CA-810

Hi all.

I know this thread is kinda old but I was wondering if I could find some info about this amp.

So there is an ebay auction with one of these. The guy states that his amp is NOT the inferior Mark 2 version.

Since I cannot find any information online about different versions, I was wondering if anybody knows what makes a "Mark 2" version and why would it be inferior?



re: CA-810

Can someone help me with where I would find the protection circuit on this amp? A guy fixed it up last year, but said to watch for the protection circuit, as it's getting old.

Pretty sure it's blown now, as the amp keeps poppng fuses.

re: CA-810

darrendarren, I also have a CA-810 where the fuses blew constantly (this behaviour only started after having it serviced and cleaned but that's another story....) what worked for me was changing the voltage selector on the back from 220v (standard for Europe) to 230v.... It works fine now. I was concerned that this may have a detrimental effect on health and or performance, but after some research found this:


So I might even change the voltage setting to 240v... Hope this helps, good luck!

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