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Yamaha CDC-775

Stereo Compact Disc Player (1999)

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Yamaha CDC-775


Disc format: CD (5 disc multi play)

Digital converter: YAC514-F

CD Mechanism: SF-P101N

Frequency response: 2Hz to 20kHz

Dynamic range: 100dB

Signal to Noise Ratio: 115dB

Total harmonic distortion: 0.0025%

Line output: 2V

Digital outputs: optical

Dimensions: 435 x 116 x 404mm

Weight: 5.8kg

Accessories: remote control


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Reviewed May 11th, 2017 by motocross93

I hate to give any Yamaha component a less than 10 rating, but here we go... I recently got 2 of these from different ebay sellers. The first arrived perfect on the outside, with a perfectly working remote control, but the motor or the electronics controlling the motor were broken. It would spin the tray and show NO DISC in the display. I won't go into too much detail but even after replacing the entire laser pickup assembly the unit would not work, in fact, it completely died on the table. Sufficiently angry but never giving up, must be OCD on my part, I ordered another one, which came perfectly functional, with no remote. (fortunately the first one came with a perfect remote)

So, a few items you need to know unless you want to consider suicide as your main option.

1. Don't expect ANY of these to work from ebay or anywhere else, there are a MAJORITY of SCUMBAG scammers out there selling BROKEN CD players, tape decks, you name it, that the DISPLAY appears to be fine, but the actual electronics or motors, etc., do not work. I have wasted hundreds of dollars and let me tell you, NOT fun.
2. So, finally, the review of this YAMAHA CDC-775, which, apparently, for the years 1999 to 2000, was their top of the line unit. I only found the CDC-745 and 845 to be similar from earlier years. And WORD OF WARNING: They don't make the REMOTE CONTROLS any more, so, DOUBLE WARNING, if you can't find one with a remote control, probably best to NOT BUY it, let me tell you why. Unlike my SONY ES and ONKYO 5 and 6 disc changers that I have to compare this to, the Yamaha SOUNDS GREAT, at least as good as those, HOWEVER, Yamaha engineers, God Bless their souls, for some weird reason, have left out some VERY BASIC Control Features from the Front Panel, which can ONLY be found on the remote control. It appears that the 745 and the 845 do not have this problem.

This saddens me somewhat because my other Yamaha components and two Yamaha motorcycles have been nearly flawless for as many decades as I have owned them. Hey, not everything can be perfect, so that's why I am writing this, to help others avoid any possible frustration. Now, all that said, what I am advising is, unless you can get one with a WORKING remote control, you are best to purchase a higher end SONY or ONKYO, or possibly JVC or Pioneer, although I have not tested these, I have heard a few good things. And so you know, it doesn't matter as much with these 1990-2010 units whether it says Made in Japan OR Malaysia, because half of the components inside were Made in CHINA anyhow. Nothing against the Chinese, but while beating various dead horses we may as well know that those horses have the same shoes and saddles. Searching thru many of the other similar Yamahas available on ebay, most of them seem to have these same design flaws, except the 745 and 845, if you can actually find one that works... they ARE out there, just few and far between.



re: CDC-775

At motocross 93:

I don't understand the above review at this website.
A used "not working" player has nothing to do with the product itselve.
Just a case of bad luck,deal with it.

After owning many Yamaha cd-players and multiple players I can telll you they are one off the most reliable I've experienced.
Bought a few for $ 10 at a goodwill store and no problems at all.

Compared to other brands they still play great,after 25 years or more.
Onkyo?those are one of the worst players,very often problems with the cd-drive even when they are not that old(under 10 years)

Please don't start crying here for a bad buy.
Send an e-mail to the one who sold you a cd-player which is not working as it should.

Good luck,with kind recards,


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