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Yamaha CR-800

FM/AM Stereo Receiver (1974)

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Yamaha CR-800


Tuning range: FM, MW

Power output: 45 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo)

Frequency response: 10Hz to 50kHz

Total harmonic distortion: 0.1%

Damping factor: 70

Input sensitivity: 3mV (mic), 3mV (MM), 150mV (line)

Signal to noise ratio: 70dB (mic), 75dB (MM), 90dB (line)

Channel separation: 50dB (MM), 50dB (line)

Output: 150mV (line), 0.775V (Pre out)

Speaker load impedance: 4Ω to 16Ω

Semiconductors: 2 x IC, 3 x MOSFET, 98 x transistors, 60 x diodes, 6 x zener diodes, 3 x LED

Dimensions: 474 x 158 x 300mm

Weight: 14kg



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Reviewed Feb 03rd, 2020 by

You really cannot go wrong with this fantastic receiver. What's has been said in the previous reviews i cannot argue with, and agree wholeheartedly.
I would however like to say that the phono stage is also excellent as is the case with the CR1000 and CR820. Most parts are easy enough to come by, and though getting thinner on the ground expertise in servicing or repair is also out there. If you're a handy sort of person they're also with a bit of guidance easy enough to tinker with.

Reviewed Feb 24th, 2019 by

Sweet and solid-sounding, this is a great and enduring receiver. Troublespots include tarnishing fuseholders on the underside, and an RIAA stage that can go noisy. (I built my own in the end, which is better anyway.) Electrolytic replacement on the amp and power sheets is worthwhile, provided that premium types are used (e.g. Rubycon ZLx). Having to slide the chassis forwards out of the wooden sleeve is a pain. It's heavy, and of course, disconnection of everything external is normally required. Some provision has been made to aid internal access, but it's still not the easiest thing to work on. The 20dB muting function is useful for exploiting the volume pot law more fully.

Reviewed Dec 15th, 2018 by

Great sound!!

Reviewed Jun 13th, 2018 by

One of the best-built Japanese receivers of all time but packed to the gills with hundreds of discrete components, making for comparatively lengthy servicing. Clever engineering: front/rear panels swing back & out of the way for easy tech access. Unusually good tuner. Sound is different from other Yamaha receivers: powerful & commanding; sheer delight even at very low listening levels. Every switch & dial operates as smooth as glass. Chassis slips out of case through front opening. PRE/MAIN capable, muting switch for people with bionic hearing, auto-touch AFC tuning through solid aluminum knob, mic jack w/ dedicated volume pot. Receiver cannot be used safely without integral wooden case. Stock bulbs burn too hot & scorch insides at upper left of chassis and case; LED replacements available. A stunning, well-designed receiver frequently overshadowed by flashier and more powerful CR-1020/CR-2020 offspring.

Reviewed Feb 21st, 2018 by

Great detailed yet warm sound with deep bass. Could look better maybe, the lining of meters peels off in some units.

Reviewed Aug 28th, 2015 by

Powerfull on the bass, very open mid-treble. Nice sound...



re: CR-800

CR-800 and CR-1000 are awesome,
deep bass, tight detailed sound yet warm, not like today's stuff. CR-800 is more relaxed than super tight CR-1000.

Competition like Pioneer and Marantz from the period now more valued but sound flabby and nauseatingly bloated in comparison.

Sony STR6065/6050 sound similar to these Yamahas.

Just look at damping factor, it means something for these old receivers
Yamaha 70
Sony 60
Marantz 45
Pioneer 30 - this one is pathetic guys :)

re: CR-800

I've just picked up one of these in nice condition and love the classy understated look of the Yamaha gear. I'm planning to give it a good service. The service manual on this page will be really useful, but I would love to get hold of a higher resolution version, anyone got one they could upload?

Spec-1 Owner & Service Manuals

Thankyou. I'll have to figure out how to upload some in return...

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