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Yamaha P2100

Stereo Power Amplifier (1977)

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Yamaha P2100


The P-2100 is not just another power amplifier; it is an exciting new approach to high accuracy sound. Yamaha's leadership is clearly demonstrated by the P2100's professional features, sophisticated design, and uncompromising performance.

The P2100 has log-linear input attenuators. The input attenuators are marked in 22 calibrated db steps, detented for extra accuracy. The attenuators provide a smooth, noise-free transition from the highest to the lowest audio level.

Decibel calibrated input attenuators have numerous advantages: on the road, they allow predictable and repeatable setups; in commercial sound applications, they allow easy, accurate input sensitivity adjustments; in studios or discos, they let operators simultaneously adjust the level of two channels, or two programs on separate amplifiers, with precise tracking.

Input connectors for each channel include one male and one female XLR connector (unbalanced) plus two parallel phone jacks. This provides the flexibility necessary for convenient bridging to another amplifier, as well as for adapter-free connection to almost any mixer.

A polarity switch allows either pin 2 or pin 3 of the XLR to be chosen as the hot lead, satisfying DIN/JIS or USA standards. On USA, Canadian and Australian models outputs are standard five way binding posts, usable with high current banana plugs or direct wired connections. Other territories model binding posts accept direct wired connections.

The P2100 may be converted to a monaural super amplifier with an internal stereo/mono switch. This creates a transformerless balanced output, the speaker load bridged across the hot terminals of both channels.

In this mode, the P2100 is suitable for driving almost any load, including highly reactive constant voltage commercial speaker lines. With a full 200 watts into 16 ohms, the P2100 in mono mode eliminates the need for several smaller amplifiers.

The P2100's performance is as impressive as its features. At a sustained output of 95 watts into 8 ohms (for each channel), there is plenty of punch to reproduce the powerful peaks essential to clean studio monitoring. The ability to sustain full power output also makes the P2100 an unbeatable choice for live rock or disco sound systems, where an amplifier can really cook all night long.

Power alone is no virtue; the P2100 has ultra-low distortion, less than 0.05% thd at full rated power - the kind of low distortion that is undetectable by even the most critical listeners.

A high damping factor of better than 250 at frequencies below 1kHz reduces the tendency for speaker cone overshoot, giving tighter and better defined bass response.

On the other end, the P2100's frequency response extends well beyond 100khz, enabling it to accurately reproduce the most complex musical waveforms - even the tortuous output of today's synthesizers. However, high frequency response has not been achieved at the expense of stability; in fact, the P2100 is rock steady. Even when connected to highly reactive multi speaker loads, there is no tendency to shut down or take off into spurious oscillation.

The P2100 is constructed to withstand the high G forces encountered on the road. The P2100's solid front panel mounts in any standard 19 inch rack, and weighs a modest 31 pounds (14kg). Front panel controls are recessed to avoid damage or accidental setting changes, and are further protected by a pair of sturdy carrying handles.

Inside and out, the P2100 is extremely reliable. Still, should service ever be required, the unit is designed for easy access. Massive side mounted heat sinks are designed for efficient cooling, making fans unnecessary in all but the most severe thermal operating conditions. Four non conductive feet ensure proper air flow when the amplifier is shelf mounted, and avoid inadvertent ground loops.

Multiple protection circuits make the amplifier nearly abuse proof and eliminate the need for troublesome DC power supply fuses.


Power output: 85 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo)

Frequency response: 20Hz to 50kHz

Total harmonic distortion: 0.02%

Damping factor: 250

Input sensitivity: 0.775V

Signal to noise ratio: 110dB

Dimensions: 480 x 134 x 320mm

Weight: 14kg

Finish: semi gloss black



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