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Yamaha Owners Manuals

Uploaded owners manuals (en) for the Yamaha A-960 amplifier, CDX-390, CDX-393, CDX-493, CDX-593, CDX-410U, CDX-420, CDX-520, CDX-450, CDX-470, CDX-530, CDX-550, CDX-730, CDX-700U, CDX-710, CDX-820, CDX-480, CDX-580, CDX-880, CDX-490, CDX-590, CDX-890, CDX-900U, CDX-920, CDX-993, CDX-1100U and CDX-1060 compact disc players and the KX-650, KX-670, KX-W392, KX-W492 and KX-W592 cassette decks. Many thanks to Jarod for the scans